Labeling Management Solutions for Retail

Streamline labeling and artwork creation with Trace One’s retail label management system (LMS) designed for food and beverage, cosmetics, household products, and more.

of American consumers say product packaging design influences their purchase decisions.
of American shoppers report that they prefer paper and cardboard packaging.
of consumers say labeling honesty and transparency inspire trust.
of businesses report an increase in revenue after improving product packaging.
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TRANSPARENCY DRIVES TRUST Consumer trust begins at the label

Modern consumers are sophisticated. They demand transparency, sustainability, and attractive design to inspire purchase decisions and build brand trust. At the same time, new products enter a market crowded with competitors, each fighting for its place in the consumer landscape.

Label artwork isn’t an afterthought
  • Striking design captures consumer attention. 
  • Accuracy and transparency build trust for your brand.
  • Sustainable packaging design aligns with consumer values.

Label and artwork management for retail

The Trace One Artwork Management Module delivers faster creative development and fewer review iterations through real-time feedback and annotations. Standardized processes and improved coordination get your products to market faster, while greater accuracy eliminates error-driven recalls.


Collaborative workflows designed to coordinate multiple artwork and branding stakeholders

Task management

Multi-stakeholder task validation, online proofing, and approval flows


Integration with the Trace One Project Management and Specification Management Modules


Centralized and searchable library of packaging assets and documents

CONNECTED AND COLLABORATIVE The Trace One Artwork Management Module

Ensure coordination between everyone involved in packaging and labeling. By integrating with your PLM platform, Trace One’s label artwork management solution unlocks real-time collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to create striking packaging that accurately reflects your brand’s products.

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Leverage a label management system that works hand-in-hand with the Trace One Project Management and Specification Management Modules. Integration means your artwork stays up to date with the latest product data and consumer information.

By ensuring accuracy and transparency through connection with vital systems, your brand inspires consumer trust

Anchored in essential data
  • Provide visibility across your company, your suppliers, and third parties like artwork agencies.
  • Simplify how stakeholders locate, navigate, and implement information.
  • Access a centralized and searchable library of packaging assets and documents.

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The Trace One Artwork Management Module streamlines ideation and collaboration with powerful annotation tools that increase customization through flexible inputs and integrations.

Leverage flexibility to adapt to widely different use cases, best practices, and stakeholder preferences for collaboration.

Creative collaboration
  • Flexible annotations, customizable forms, and the ability to insert or attach files add depth to collaboration.
  • A dedicated annotation panel ensures you can mark up your artwork without obstructing the big picture.
  • Engage with your artwork by navigating documents and their elements intuitively.

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Don’t tarnish your artwork’s impact with inaccuracy. The Trace One Artwork Management Module’s powerful proofing tools ensure you catch mistakes and stay on the right path with error detection and side-by-side version comparisons.

Refine and advance your brand’s image through a natural and collaborative process.

Intuitive progress
  • Comparison views distinguish between added, removed, and unchanged elements so you can get granular with revisions.
  • See collaborators’ interactions in real time without closing your viewing pane.
  • Interact dynamically by copying and pasting text information, moving and deleting annotations, and dragging and dropping documents.

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