Innovation & Control

Innovation and control

Key drivers of profitable growth: innovation and control

Consumers are more demanding than ever about the products they buy.
Growth is hardly possible without creativity and innovation. This applies to everyone, retailers and private label manufacturers. Innovation is not just a step in the product development phase, but it happens at every step in the process. Innovation provides tangible benefits throughout the entire product lifecycle from the product brief through product launch, specification, packaging, and quality management.

  • Everyone needs to have accurate information in real time. This is the perfect combination for value creation by all the different parties.
  • Seamless interactions between the different stakeholders are crucial to produce optimal results in little time.
  • Time spent on specification management, workflow coordination and task management is minimized so that everyone focuses on the core of the business – reducing product time to market – thus gaining competitive advantage.
  • Accurate monitoring and effective planning is required to meet new product launch schedules.
  • The complete spectrum of product ingredients/components need constant review, to ensure compliance with all governing regulations.

Accelerating innovation while ensuring control is a major challenge for all players in the value chain – a challenge addressed by Trace One.

Benefit from a collaborative environment to develop FMCG products and mitigate risk

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Benefit from
a collaborative solution
that covers all stages
of the product lifecycle.

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Supplier Collaboration Program

Supplier Collaboration Program

Trace One’s Supplier Collaboration Program enables retailer to truly engage with their supplier community in a way that drives innovation, speeds up time to market and ensures both teams are efficient.

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Social & Analytics

Social & Analytics

Manage your professional communities,
and drive business improvement
with comprehensive dashboards.

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