Trace One at the Food Safety Kongress: Connecting the retail world to improve food safety

14th February 2018

Trace One develops new collaborative solutions to improve food quality, safety and innovation in Private Label

Speaking slot: Thomas Spieker, Director Central Europe: Quality Management Every Day: A Retialer’s Discussion with a Supplier

Paris/Düsseldorf – 14 February 2018: Trace One presents new developments in the area of Private Label management at this year’s Food Safety Kongress in Berlin from 20. to 21. February. The focus is on improving collaboration between the individual stakeholders. This will enable retailers and suppliers to exchange information more efficiently and accurately.

Suppliers and interested companies can find out more about Trace One‘s solutions and benefits at booth 8. In addition, Thomas Spieker, Director Central Europe at Trace One, will be giving an interactive presentation on “Quality Management Every Day: A Retailer’s Discussion with a Supplier,” on February 20, starting at 4:30 pm.

The motto of the Food Safety Kongress “Confidence in food – from producer to consumer,” has been expanded for the 10th anniversary event to include the themes “innovative – secure – international,” and will focus on the trends and perspectives of labelling and packaging, as well as secure supply and value-added chains, international regulations and cooperation.

Retailers are under tremendous administrative and regulatory pressure in production areas and meeting the needs of increasingly sophisticated consumers. This is where Trace One, the collaborative retail business network for Private Label, helps minimize time-to-market, optimize cost and mitigate risks by standardizing processes and exchanging precise information.

“Given the lack of continuity in modern retail, a global network is exactly what retail partners need now to deliver a complete consumer experience. Retailers and suppliers can’t afford to work without networks,” explains Thomas Spieker, Director Central Europe of Trace One. “Our mission is to connect the retail world. We enable retail business partners to create and develop unique, healthy and responsible Private Label products. We look forward to an exciting Food Safety Kongress and many interesting discussions.”

About Trace One
Founded in 2001, Trace One powers the world’s largest collaborative network for private label development with more than 20,000 companies in 100 countries developing over $300B in products annually. Our globally proven platform enables our customers to develop and manage private label products, ensure conformity to industry and government legislation and drive consumer trust.
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