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Trace One Quality Management System: A Powerful New Auditing Tool

As of March 15th, Trace One–a world leader in collaborative consumer packaged goods (CPG) management solutions–has unveiled a new QMS dedicated to the preparation, management and follow-up of audits. Called the Trace One Quality Management System, this powerful tool is designed to save time and increase efficiency for industrial quality departments, with a focus on monitoring the closure of non-conformities arising from audits.


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Trace One Quality Management System arrives as a global solution for managing both internal and supplier audits. From the audit preparation phase onward, the new QMS facilitates every step of the process, from providing templates for compiling audit information, to centralizing that information so that managers can maintain an overview of all audit activities, whether they be completed, in-progress, or planned for the future. The QMS also makes tracking and closing quality issues easy, thanks to an intuitive dashboard.


“Quality departments often track non-conformities identified during audits by Excel spreadsheets. Trace One Quality Management System, however, eliminates such tedious, time-consuming tasks and is easy to use,” explains Charlotte Le Coz, Product Marketing Manager at Trace One.


Le Coz notes that streamlining the follow-up process for audit-related corrective actions represents one of “the biggest added values” of the QMS to solve quality managers’ pain points.


For manufacturers in the FMCG sector, routine internal and supplier audits are essential tools for discovering potential quality discrepancies and driving targeted continuous improvement initiatives. Audits reveal non-conformities in the quality system and generate various follow-up actions to be spearheaded by the quality department.


Trace One Quality Management System makes it possible to manage multiple audits in parallel, and thanks to a centralized dashboard and notification system, enables quality managers to make a critical assessment of priorities and due dates. Quality officers can effectively manage corrective actions and the closure of action items, as well as visualize any potential delays that may impact the resolution of critical quality issues. Thus, quality departments are empowered to both save time and improve efficiency.

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