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Atout Chimie

ATOUT CHIMIE is a study and training office on chemicals regulations. ATOUT CHIMIE is a service offered by the Groupement des Industriels de la Chimie pour les Études et la Recherche (GICPER) and created by France Chimie.


Historically ATOUT REACH, our name has changed to ATOUT CHIMIE to show the diversity of our services. We work on all issues related to European chemicals regulations (REACH, BPR), both within the framework of:


  • training which can be offered on an intra-basis,

  • and expertise in the implementation of regulations.

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Founded in 1990, Selerant is a leading global provider of process-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software and consulting services within three core manufacturing segments: Food & Beverages, Personal Care/Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemicals.


With primary operating regions in New York, NY, Milan, Italy, and Shanghai, China, and offices around the world, Selerant has a large global presence to meet the needs of its customers.


Selerant also provides business process analysis, system design, technical expertise, implementation, training and support services through our world-class professional services organization.

Selerant takes complete ownership of our PLM projects and looks to best practices from our customers’ successful implementations to facilitate rapid deployment and technology adoption.

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New Food

For over two decades New Food has been the prominent thought leadership platform for the food and beverage industry. By providing an unrivalled resource for industry professionals to discuss the challenges and wider economic issues that currently face the international food and beverage supply chain, New Food’s overarching aim is to explore solutions and catalyse industry progress. Through the maintenance of a close collaboration with the industry, regulators and academia in the areas of safety, quality control and scientific innovation, New Food understands the necessity of cooperation and collaboration between all parties to ensure that the global food and beverage community moves forward together.

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Since 1958, LSA has been driving the consumer goods market with a weekly magazine with a circulation of more than 20,000 copies, around which numerous information and networking services have been developed. LSA supports the consumer goods industry and helps them to decipher news and key trends in order to improve their performance and adapt their practices and products to market changes.

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Sauveur Fernandez, l'Econovateur, is a scout in eco-prospecting & Innovation & consumer insight. Founder of l'Econovateur, he has been anticipating tomorrow's consumer trends for 20 years. Sauveur helps brands, distributors and organizations to decipher and use the new forms of responsible consumption. Expert in digital economy, organic and natural products disruptors. Organic expert for Les Echos Formation. Partner and innovation editor for Biolinéaires Tribune Libre for the Natexbio federation. Member of the Natexpo jury.

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Deloitte es la mayor firma española de servicios profesionales. Estamos orientados hacia la excelencia empresarial, la formación, la promoción e impulso de nuestro capital humano y a mantener el reconocimiento como la firma de servicios profesionales que da el mejor servicio a sus clientes.

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DigitalFoodLab is a FoodTech insight and strategy consultancy. Our mission is to look into the future of food and help our clients (brands, retailers and B2B players) stay or become leaders.

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Mintec provides leading global retailers with essential spend intelligence about the raw materials they buy, all in one place. Mintec supplies various different features to allow procurement companies to save costs, manage risk and increase negotiation power. Mintec has over 15,000 different price points covering a wide variety of food and non-food commodities.

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