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Quality and Food Safety Audit Management

Conduct quality and food safety audits with the Trace One Devex PLM tools you use every day. Optimize your quality audit and food safety audit processes with solutions from Trace One.

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Why Trace One Devex PLM? Integrate food safety audit and quality audit processes into product development

Trace One Devex PLM easy-to-read dashboards enable your quality assurance team to monitor products, procedures, and processes against their targets. Simplify how you assess quality along the entire product lifecycle, verify the root causes of any non-conformance issues, and manage preventative or corrective actions.

  • Integrate product data management and quality information to build a consistent view of products and processes.
  • Increase collaboration and break down silos to bridge gaps between people, departments, and suppliers.
  • Automatically track product revisions and configuration history.
  • Identify and reduce quality issues throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Learn from historical quality and product data to strengthen decision-making.
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Quality management at each stage of NPDI Risk management and mitigation

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Certificate of Analysis

Conduct both internal and external audits according to different standards, making sure you get the right certificate of analysis for any product.

Simplify quality assurance

Use configurable checklists that meet your needs and plans, and enable thorough quality audits with multiple scoring systems.

Easily manage audits and follow-ups

Plan, schedule, and execute your quality audit process through a configurable workflow, then schedule follow-ups and recurrences based on your results.

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Visibility where it matters

Ensure the right feedback reaches the right people at the right times so they can ensure quality within their functional area.

Organization-wide accountability

Built-in quality auditing empowers teams to enforce and verify organizational policies as it drives accountability for process owners.

Everything in its place

Capture every event, document, and audit trail to make the quality assurance process more transparent and traceable.

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Proactive, not reactive

Identify quality risks as you onboard suppliers and facilities to address problems at the earliest stage of the supply chain process.

Assess and eliminate risk

Leverage risk assessment functionality that categorizes suppliers, facilities, and source materials according to predefined risk criteria.

Visualization and automation

A probability-severity risk model visualizes liabilities, then generates supplier scores that help teams assess and select providers.

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Resolve non-conformance anywhere

Manage both internal and external non-conformance events to categorize, prioritize, and address quality issues throughout the extended supply chain.

A proven analysis methodology

Leverage root-cause analysis (RCA) to identify the origins of non-conformance, then initiate a CAPA plan to resolve it and prevent further issues.

Visualize, identify, resolve

Easy-to-use dashboards help teams make sense of dominant non-conformance root causes and address them quickly.

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A Single Source of Truth

Get a bird’s eye view of all data across the entire supply chain with interactive dashboards.

Metrics that matter

Monitor key KPIs like number of SCARs and risk score trends by supplier, facility, and overall supplier base.

Critical data up front

Easily grasp critical data points with audit and nonconformance widgets, and seamlessly integrate Selerant's quality management tool with Power BI.

"With [Trace One Devex PLM], quality assurance managers can do a lot of checks and queries and do them a lot easier. Knowing their plant’s formulae and the materials in them helps them identify what they’re looking for."

- Vice President, food company

MAXIMIZE COLLABORATION Connect disparate teams across the entire product lifecycle

Research & Development

Meet go-to-market and budget timeline demands. Overcome data silos and leverage collaboration tools to formulate faster and access the right info at the right time throughout the entire product lifecycle. Maintain version control and eliminate redundancies and repetition with a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) platform. Optimize costs and meet consumer, market and regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Affairs

Eliminate consumer issues like improper labeling that can lead to a consumer getting sick from a mislabeled allergen and recalls with a comprehensive regulatory compliance framework. Perform real-time compliance checks throughout the product development process. Perfect product data governance ensuring product labels are populated with the accurate information.

Quality Management

Mitigate brand reputation damage of non-compliance to quality standards and certifications. Prevent financial loss due to inaccurate or poor product data. Ensure end-to-end visibility into quality management processes. Guarantee feedback reaches the right people at the right times so that each team can address quality issues before they get lost in transmission or passed onto the next stage of production.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Eliminate supply chain risks that occur when raw materials aren’t delivered on time or at all, thereby causing disruption to the flow of products and materials. Trace One Devex PLM supplier quality management ensures supply chain traceability and proactive management of potential issues.

Marketing & Innovation

Facilitate input from marketing professionals to product teams. Make sure new products match what consumers and the market demand with requirements-driven product development.


Embrace digital transformation: ensure all the corporate systems speak to each other. Unify and consolidate platforms. Integrate your existing ERP system with Trace One Devex PLM for seamless product data sharing. 

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