CPG PLM Tools and Industry-spanning Solutions for Retail

Trace One’s product-focused solutions, services, and insights unlock agility and accelerate time to market through integrated product lifecycle management tools for CPG brands. Streamline your PLM process, ensure compliance, enhance supplier relationships, and access deeper analytical insights with a powerful ecosystem of interconnected solutions.

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THE PRIVATE LABEL LANDSCAPE A challenging time for retail. An opportunity for private label brands.

The CPG landscape is increasingly complex.

Rising consumer expectations are expanding demands on retailers. But anxiety around affordability means customers are becoming more value-oriented and considering private label alternatives. At the same time, environmental factors loom large for consumers.

In this environment, private label brands need to attune their products to changing consumer preferences—and PLM tools for retail CPG play a crucial role.

of retail leaders cite elevated consumer expectations as a barrier to direct customer relationships.
of food and beverage consumers plan to stick with private label brands.
of US consumers agree that the quality of a store brand reflects that retailer’s overall quality.
of consumers want companies to put people and the planet before profit.

REMARKABLE SOLUTIONS FOR RETAIL Trace One solutions give private label brands an edge on a competitive retail stage

Our suite of CPG PLM tools and integrated digital solutions can help you meet rising consumer expectations, communicate and deliver sustainability, and secure relationships with the customers you want.

Make remarkable products PLM Software for CPG Retailers and Private label brands

End-to-end product lifecycle management software that transforms the product development process and expedites compliant products to market. 


Ensure seamless connectivity and communication across teams with collaborative tools and applications in a single, scalable PLM platform.

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Meet your specific security and interoperability needs with a SaaS solution integrated securely into your internal systems and configured to your specifications.

Connection and simplicity 

  • Day-to-day support 
  • Accelerated go-to-market 
  • Informed strategy and decision-making 
  • Rapid adoption 
  • Streamlined integration 
  • Security and configurability

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Eliminate siloes and connect teams so they can communicate more effectively and operate more productively across projects, teams, and priorities.

Making workflows work 

  • Task-driven activities and notifications 
  • Integrated workflows across product development and launch 
  • Reviews and approvals of key brand and packaging elements

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Ensure 100% compliance with legislative and brand standards to accelerate environmentally friendly product offerings.

Visibility, control, and speed 

  • Risk prevention and quality control 
  • Faster and easier collaboration with suppliers  
  • Product and specification management 
  • Real-time dashboards with global visibility

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Oversee the marketplace, your suppliers, and new and existing products with comprehensive, centralized data capture that generates actionable insights.

Agile, actionable analytics 

  • Provide visibility to your teams to improve stakeholder agility
  • Improve PLM processes to identify and eliminate delays
  • Reduce business risks by spotting trends earlier
  • Measure performance and set benchmarks to monitor product evolution

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Trace One Analytics takes advantage of our unified platform to break down walls between data silos and turn information into action.
Access predefined, actionable analytics

Access role-based dashboards to understand key business risks and opportunities, then action tasks based on priority and impact.

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Replace assumptions with analysis

Decompartmentalize and transform data into information you can apply directly to decision-making while you leverage predictive analytics to simulate scenarios and anticipate events.

Operationalize analysis

Alerts, notifications, and automated reports help you build workflows around monitoring, evolving, and assessing your impact, then prioritizing improvements that match your strategic priorities.



Connect with suppliers directly to accelerate and improve your private label product sourcing process.

Search for products and suppliers across a global network of consumer packaged goods players and request samples or quotes.

Sourcing requests

Publish retail sourcing requests to communicate your needs to suppliers, receive and compare proposals, and shortlist providers before launching the tendering process.

RFX sourcing

Manage RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs collaboratively as you collect and compare answers from suppliers to accelerate the decision-making process.

A SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING SOLUTION Trace One PLM Packaging Management Module

Comply with new regulations and meet consumer expectations for sustainable packaging design with Trace One’s packaging management solution.

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Source information from suppliers and collect all the quality and corporate social responsibility data you need in one collaborative tool.

Enhance reliability and collaboration.

Trace One_Sustainability

Monitor and understand your progress to improve and communicate your packaging’s sustainability through ready-to-use dashboards and accurate data analysis.

Maximize value, compliance, and communication.

Trace One_Sustainability

Easy-to-use information helps you optimize packaging, unearth valuable insights, report on successes, and improve decision-making.

Generate performance, improvement, and growth.

Trace One services

Leverage Trace One's more than 30 yrs of experience as a strategic partner to gain a competitive advantage.

Professional services

Access solution implementation, professional services, and consulting to drive successful change management and boost efficiency.


Customer service

Ensure business continuity through a comprehensive customer success plan tailored to your organization’s needs.


Learning and education

Equip your teams with the knowledge and skills to run and optimize your Trace One solutions through training and adoption initiatives.



Capture continuous improvement and customer satisfaction by leveraging our team’s functional and technical expertise.

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