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Beauty, Skincare, and Cosmetic Product Formulation and Development

Trace One Devex PLM offers cosmetic and beauty manufacturers a single source of truth product lifecycle management platform that ensures they meet quality standards for cosmetic manufacturing and product development.


Why Trace One? Experience an Integrated Solution for Cosmetic Production

Trace One Devex PLM helps you manage all of your new product development and introduction processes in one place. Gain greater control, transparency, and oversight over beauty product development so you can innovate and get your products to market faster.

  • Prioritize product innovation and development.
  • Expedite formula creation to accelerate cosmetic product development.
  • Align with global regulations and cosmetic labeling requirements.
  • Bring new products to market rapidly by streamlining cosmetic manufacturing.

Expedite products to market End-to-end product development

Embrace rapidly changing consumer demand with a single source of truth platform for new product development and compliance.


Integrated innovation

Accelerate skincare product development by using one system to capture new innovation and marketing ideas, run ROI cost calculations, and share requests with R&D teams.

Compare and create

Access a history of global lab trial versions and outcomes to expedite new product research.

Prioritize and prosper

Determine the highest-priority projects with product analysis, then automate PLM processes so they work at the speed of OEM requests.


Curated for cosmetics

Leverage cosmetics-specific ingredient and formulation templates to standardize data requirements for new products.

Fine-tuned formula management

Maintain and manage all variations of trials, formulas, and BOMs in one system throughout the product development process.

Modify for new markets

Easily modify existing formulations for new markets and connect all global variations in an always up-to-date, integrated product data repository.


Compliance by design

Determine the regulatory fit for new products at the point of ideation, and connect labeling requirements to the beginning of product development.

Curated documentation

Automate creation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Product Information File (PIF), simplify submission of poisonous ingredients to ECHA’s Poison Notification Center, easily create Technical Data Sheets (TDS) with relevant product information.

Compliance at speed

Reduce the time you spend on regulatory compliance checks with roll-up creation for INCI statements and safety data sheets.


Portfolio and performance

Maintain a complete, constantly updated product portfolio in one place, and drill down to demonstrate how product variations perform globally.

Streamlined supplier management

Ensure conformance and reduce recall risk by integrating supplier product, cost, and compliance data directly into cosmetics product templates with the Supplier Collaboration Portal.

Simplified packaging scenarios

Accommodate several packaging scenarios at the same time by managing multiple variations for each component.


Integrate and accelerate

A single integrated system helps you increase speed by eliminating data redundancies and process bottlenecks as you enhance enterprise collaboration.

Confident quality assurance

Use a standardized PLM process to ensure you’re meeting quality levels as formulations evolve for new markets and gain global visibility into non-conformance.

Formulation to commercialization

Connect formula calculations to labeling, packaging, and marketing activities to create accurate, transparent product claims aligned with internal procedures.

"The entire lifecycle of a product is all together now, so you can trace everything from the beginning to the end of the product’s life. That was a great improvement for everybody involved with the products."

- Manager of marketing systems, personal care company

Expert-guided success The Trace One Process

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      We guide your teams through fast, effective design workshops to uncover the perfect configuration for your new PLM system.

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      Trace One builds out the PLM system based on your unique requirements. We’ll help you settle into your new workflows and support each team on their piece of the data migration.

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      Before launch, we validate the PLM system in your environment based on established use cases and perform detailed testing.

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      Go Live

      The clear and guided Trace One approach works to mitigate risk, nerves and resistance to change. Our experts create a project plan with an eye to minimal downtime as the shift is made from in-development to a live environment.

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From lab to shelf A PLM platform cosmetics manufacturers can trust

Trace One Devex PLM for cosmetics creates a formulation feedback loop between innovation, marketing, R&D, and compliance groups across one platform. With more than 30 years of experience building solutions tailored to CPG industries, Trace One applies proven methodology to guide its customers to long-term operational success. Our product development and compliance solutions extend to all parts of the NPDI process to build efficiencies, streamline communication and enhance product traceability. Expand your profit margins and global reach with the right tools and team.

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