E-Sourcing Solutions for CPG Brands

E-procurement software helps CPG retail brands source key products from manufacturers. Trace One E-Sourcing connects you directly with suppliers and manufacturers to accelerate and improve your private label sourcing process.

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WHAT IS E-SOURCING? Knowing what consumers want is just the first step. Sourcing it is a different story.

As a retailer, the faster you bring your products to market, the faster you capture consumer interest and generate revenue. But the process of private label product sourcing, vetting, selecting, and purchasing from suppliers is time-consuming and complex.

Retail sourcing is a challenge.

  • Preparing and comparing RFx material takes time.
  • Internal and external communications aren’t always fluid.
  • Managing supplier documents is overwhelming.
  • Data entry and management are prone to human error.
  • Inconsistent formatting makes RFx sourcing and tracking inefficient.
  • Online sourcing is time-consuming.
of retailers say offline procurement methods make it time-consuming to source new products.
of retailers say finding a new product is an opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

SOURCING. STREAMLINED. E-sourcing solutions that give you an edge

Trace One E-Sourcing unlocks a competitive advantage through three powerful tools. Help your retail buyers and procurement managers source innovative products by finding and connecting with reliable suppliers quickly and easily.

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Search for products and suppliers in our retail sourcing marketplace to access a global network of consumer packaged goods players. Once you discover products in line with consumer trends, request samples or fulfillment quotes from suppliers

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Publish sourcing requests to communicate your needs for new products, receive and compare proposals from suppliers, and shortlist providers before you launch an RFx.

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Manage RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs in collaboration with your team members. Collect answers from suppliers and easily compare them to accelerate the decision-making process.

REMARKABLE, RIGHT FROM THE SOURCE See what Trace One E-Sourcing can do

PRIVATE E-SOURCING MANAGEMENT Trace One Marketplace for CPG manufacturers and retailers

Trace One Marketplace is the world’s largest network for retail and CPG outsourcing. Whatever a supplier’s scale or location, they can showcase their products to leading retailers and expand their business opportunities to the global stage.

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Increase your visibility

among global, market-leading retailers with a compelling profile.

Promote your product portfolio

by targeting your ideal audience and leveraging automation.

Enter new markets

by answering retail sourcing requests for CPG products and sending samples or quotes.

Proactively anticipate industry trends

through articles that help you drive innovation and share your efforts with retailers.

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Access innovative products and new suppliers

in the thousands through a comprehensive search and simple, clear comparisons.

Build assortment

that aligns with changing consumer behaviors through customized suggestions that help you discover healthy and sustainable products.

Save time

when sourcing reliable partners and products through a connected and consistent approach to retail private label sourcing across your company.

COMMUNICATE YOUR NEEDS Publish RFx sourcing requests to lay the groundwork for supplier relationships

By communicating your needs for new products and inviting proposals, you can shortlist suppliers before the RFI, RFQ, and RFP process even begins.
    • Discovery

      Describe the product characteristics you want, including country of origin, product claims, absence of specific allergens, and more.

    • Publishing

      Publish your food and beverage, cosmetic, and household sourcing requests to targeted categories of suppliers.

    • Implementation

      Easily compare proposals while accessing a comprehensive supplier product sourcing marketplace.

    • Launch

      Communicate with potential suppliers directly, in a single click, to request product samples or a quote before making your purchase decisions.

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RFX MANAGEMENT Centralize your RFx processes

Take control of private label consumer product sourcing with a streamlined, consolidated tool that helps you manage RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs collaboratively as you centralize supplier data.

Gain an edge in a crowded field.

  • Improve your bargaining power.
  • Increase your margins.
  • Stay ahead of your competition.
  • Delight your consumers.

RETAIL RFX SOURCING Gain a competitive advantage by adapting to consumer trends faster

Create an RFx collaboratively 

Invite stakeholders to edit RFx material and set requirements according to their expertise.

Save and reuse data to create a new RFx

Save time and avoid data entry errors during the formation of sourcing requests by reusing data from existing RFx content and other integrated Trace One solutions, as well as further systems like ERPs.

Create custom surveys

Go beyond standard RFx forms to ask for information about a supplier’s company, facilities, and products.

Get RFx overviews

Track the progress of each supplier for each RFx.

Collect and compare responses

Export RFx results from all suppliers simultaneously and compare them in a simplified format.

Communicate with suppliers

Request additional information from suppliers or share RFx results through a chatbox.

Monitor RFx progress

Get an overview of all RFx activity through dashboards that are easy to navigate, and filter information based on RFx status, product category, and date.

Save time with templates

Create and reuse RFx templates to standardize processes, save time, and enhance collaboration.

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