Sustainable packaging management software for food and household items

Connect your corporate social responsibility goals with day-to-day operations through our sustainable packaging software. Trace One’s dashboard-based packaging management solution helps you comply with new regulations and meet consumer expectations for sustainable packaging design.

Consumers are committed to sustainable packaging

of consumers are taking concrete steps to reduce their use of plastic packaging.
of consumers consider it important that the products they buy come in recyclable packaging.
of consumers would avoid manufacturers who don’t try to reduce their use of non-recyclable plastic packaging.
of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.
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CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES The need for sustainable packaging design is rising

Rethink your packaging systems to optimize recyclability, biodegradability, reusability, and durability as you reduce pollution and waste.

Packaging challenges are growth opportunities
  • Keep up with rapidly changing environmental regulations.
  • Assemble accurate information to communicate packaging sustainability.
  • Connect with internal team members and external suppliers to unify your approach.

SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH COLLABORATION Collaborate closely with suppliers to generate more sustainable food packaging


Work with unified data to align your packaging objectives with your product development lifecycle, quality control, and sustainability.


Provide suppliers with access to live specification data to ensure accuracy and alignment across production and packaging.


Document, track, access, and update granular information across recycled materials, specifications, and more to achieve 360-degree visibility.


Ensure all stakeholders can access packaging data to report on sustainability initiatives and guide innovation.

NAVIGATING REGULATIONS Take proactive steps to meet evolving sustainability regulations

Regulatory bodies around the world take sustainable packaging seriously. Trace One Packaging Management Solution helps you meet those commitments.

European green deals and the UK and US Plastics Pact

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Circular Economy Action Plan

MicrosoftTeams-image (3)-Dec-22-2023-07-05-17-2600-PM

Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

THE ROAD TO OPTIMIZATION Balancing product packaging with environmental regulations

Trace One Packaging Management Solution helps you balance quality with corporate social responsibility, all integrated into your PLM system. By collecting and analyzing data within one solution, you can proactively adapt to new regulations and communicate packaging sustainability to consumers.

Trace One_Sustainability

Through Trace One Packaging Management Solution, suppliers provide the information and you collect all quality and corporate responsibility data in one collaborative tool.

  • Reliability
  • Collaboration

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Trace One_Sustainability

Ready-to-use dashboards support accurate data analysis. Monitor and understand your progress to communicate and proactively improve your packaging sustainability.

  • Value addition
  • Compliance
  • Communication

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Trace One_Sustainability

Easy-to-use information helps you optimize packaging. Unearth valuable insights to identify issues, report on successes, and improve decision-making.

  • Performance
  • Growth

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INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS Sustainable packaging technology for food and cosmetics

Eco-friendly cosmetic packaging manufacturers and food providers face strict industry guidelines while striving for sustainable packaging design.

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Keeping household item packaging eco-friendly while ensuring durability, quality, and compliance with health and safety guidelines is a difficult balance. 

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Trace One_Sustainability

Align with consumer expectations and regulatory compliance through sustainable food packaging technology that helps you manage PLM data, supplier communication, and product optimization in one place.

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