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Maintain compliance, expedite time to market and transform business processes.

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End-to-end PLM Bring clarity to chaos

A single, comprehensive PLM platform that empowers process manufacturers and CPG retailers to innovate smartly, maintain regulatory compliance, and transform business workflows. Trace One's PLM solutions connect global teams, disparate systems, and siloed data to deliver successful products to market on time and on budget so that brands can focus on meeting rapidly changing consumer demand. 

Explore PLM for Manufacturers

Explore PLM for Retailers


of manufacturer revenue supported annually
passionate staff located around the world
countries supported by our regulatory solutions
customer-reported ROI from implementing PLM


  • Selerant Devex PLM woman in cosmetics face mask and wrapped towel on head frames face with her hands

    Streamline processes

    "We save time because Trace One Devex PLM simplifies the product information flow from conception through launch."

    Executive director, personal care company
  • AdobeStock_165906537_570x650

    Private label development

    “Our aim for Delhaize Belgium is to drive innovation in our products, offer the best quality at the right price and improve performance by introducing new technologies in our private label development. Trace One gives us the tools we need to do this via a seamless, end-to-end process. As well as driving increased productivity and effectiveness it will ultimately enable us to meet our ambitious innovation, product quality and customer safety goals.”

    Delhaize Belgium
  • Selerant Devex PLM food and beverage cookies

    Resource optimization

    "Trace One Devex PLM has enabled individual contributors to streamline their work and manage more workstreams in parallel. That’s allowed us to get more done with the same number of people and slowed the need to hire additional headcount."

    Director of project management, food company
  • UNFI Trace One PLM

    Point of connection

    "For UNFI brands, Trace One PLM is an essential element of all of our business operations. It's part of our supplier startup. It's part of all of our new product and maintenance items, and development throughout the year. And when we talk about portfolio, we have over 5,000 active SKUs. We have 500+ suppliers that we partner with. Trace One PLM has enabled efficiency and is a real connecting point with all of our cross functional areas, which makes projects go faster. Lastly, it has truly revolutionized how we do packaging for our brands.” 

    Adam Sinley, UNFI brands
  • Selerant Devex PLM food ingredients

    Connected collaboration

    "Our better ability to collaborate now gives us a big advantage. That comes from Trace One Devex PLM’s search capabilities and the project structure it provides. We can see across the portfolio, collaborate, and avoid duplication."

    Director of R&D, food ingredients company
  • AdobeStock_54260928_570x650

    Source suppliers

    “We use Trace One Marketplace to find new products and suppliers in different categories. Thanks to the support and availability of the Trace One teams, we were able to optimize our product searches and quickly publish our first sourcing request.”

    Senior Manager, Business Development, Carrefour Partenariat International
  • Selerant Devex PLM food scientist in lab pours test tube into wine glass

    Cost savings

    "Getting the cost down before we ever launch is a big opportunity to improve our profit margins."

    Vice president, food company
  • Selerant Devex PLM plant floor manager in manufacturing plant with clipboard

    Risk management

    "Trace One Devex PLM has definitely helped us reduce the risk of a recall. That was one of the justifications for buying it."

    Director of project management, food company
  • AdobeStock_135727506_570x650

    Expedite time to market

    “We wanted to meet consumer demands for an affordable daily beauty range and bring it to market quickly. We launched the range in record time thanks to Trace One PLM.”

    Casino Products

Expert-guided Success Our Process

    • Devex PLM blueprinting


      We guide your teams through fast, effective design workshops to uncover the perfect configuration for your new PLM system.

    • Devex PLM implementation


      Our team builds out the PLM system based on your unique requirements. We’ll help you settle into your new workflows and support each team on their piece of the data migration.

    • Devex PLM validation


      Before launch, we validate the PLM system in your environment based on established use cases and perform detailed testing.

    • devex-validating-for-commercialization

      Go Live

      Our clear and guided  approach works to mitigate risk, nerves, and resistance to change. Our experts create a project plan with an eye to minimal downtime as the shift is made from in-development to a live environment.

Trace One Devex PLM orange beverage bottles on a conveyor belt in manufacturing plant

Get more done in less time Increase operational productivity

Trace One Devex PLM simplifies the product information flow from conception to launch. Manufacturers can streamline their work and manage more workstreams in parallel. 

  • Eliminate redundant data input
  • Leverage a single source of truth (SSOT) platform
  • Create professional approvals and reporting

Product Portfolio Management in Trace One Devex PLM

Selerant Devex PLM woman reaches for item in grocery store

Expedite time to market Expand profit margins

When used as a SSOT, Trace One Devex PLM cuts down on the time it takes to collect and enter product data across multiple disparate systems. Integrate with your ERP system to harmonize all product data sources. 

  • Define material cost savings opportunities before product launch
  • Minimize recall risk
  • Save money from retiring legacy systems

Explore PLM for Manufacturers

Trace One PLM raw materials being added to chocolate mixture

Manage risk Reduce ingredient supplier and vendor management efforts

Procurement teams save time by using standardized supplier onboarding procedures.

  • Identify and manage risk from the earliest phases of product development
  • Manage non-conformances and increase efficiency and compliance across your organization

View our supplier quality management portal

CPG Innovation Newsletter

PLM product updates, best practices, and insights from our team of experts.


Why Trace One Take the stress out of compliance

Regulatory risk assessments and research made easy with a single compliance collaboration platform. 

  • Save time by automating compliance assessments
  • Confidently introduce new products into global markets
  • Cut the cost of compliance

Explore Trace One Regulatory Compliance


countries supported by our regulatory solutions
countries with a Trace One or partner presence
of the world's top 10 largest dairy producers use Trace One solutions
of the world's top 7 confectionary companies use Trace One Regulatory Compliance


  • Selerant food and beverage compliance wine bottles in a row

    Save time and headaches

    "Trace One Regulatory Compliance has made different international regulations much more accessible and easier to understand.  It has cut the time I spend on international reviews in half and has truly been a lifesaver. The customer service is also phenomenal and has gone out of their way to answer each and every one of our questions."

  • Trace One Regulatory Compliance testimonial

    Ease of use

    "Trace One Regulatory Compliance offers us a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool for accessing worldwide food legislation and news monitoring. The user-friendly interface allows for smooth searching of the database and quick understanding, both for experienced colleagues as well as for colleagues who are not frequent users. The Trace One support desk is readily available for assistance. Trace One Regulatory Compliance is of great added value to our business and is highly recommended."

    Global Dairy Manufacturer

Rapid deployment for quick compliance The Trace One Process

    • Discovery

      During this phase, we work with you to understand your specific global regulatory needs and confirm a desired go-live date and budget. We deliver a full demo of the Compliance Cloud and set you up for a complimentary pilot and trial.

    • Subscription Mapping

      We map Compliance Cloud functionality to your unique requirements, identify the number of licenses your organization needs, and determine the length of your subscription.

    • Onboarding

      We'll walk you through account registration and easy login. We provide personal system training and grant you access to our customer support team.

    • Customer Success

      Our customer success team works to ensure you have a positive experience using the Compliance Cloud. You can expect frequent interactions with our regulatory experts as well as plenty of opportunities for feedback and Q&A.

Selerant food and beverage regulatory compliance hand holds wine glass up in room with food scientists

Global compliance Comply with international regulatory requirements

Use the world's largest database of global substances to perform instant go/no-go assessments on product formulations. Analyze the import/export requirements of new markets to efficiently introduce new products. 

Learn more about our global food legislation database

Trace One food and beverage compliance shopper checks label of product in supermarket

Risk management Conduct thorough risk assessments

Real-time regulatory requirements monitoring provides updates on changes that impact formulas, production processes, and labeling requirements.

Trace One's food news monitoring system

Selerant food and beverage compliance two women in hijabs and white coats pose with product in hand

Seamless collaboration Eliminate communication barriers

Easily make annotations, track changes, and comments in shared documents. Personalize user and company-level preferences. Streamline internal communication and knowledge transfer to expedite go-to-market and product launch. 

Regulatory compliance newsletter

Global food news, customer case studies, industry insights and more.

Trace One SDS software

Rapid global compliance SDS and GHS compliance software delivered with regulatory expertise

Trace One SDS provides a single system of record using a proven and templated approach to meeting global compliance needs so you can rest easy knowing your products are compliant in all markets of sale. 

Our team of regulatory experts keeps you informed and up to date on changing regulations so you can focus on getting compliant products to market faster.

Explore Trace One SDS


SDSs managed each year
products supported
years serving the chemicals industry
customers using Trace One SDS


  • Untitled design (78)

    Single source of truth

    "Before Trace One SDS, it's like we had an apartment lots of small rooms. Now, we have an open floor plan apartment. We have communication and can do different things at the same time. Before Trace One SDS, we couldn't implement GHS regulation for certain strategic markets. We can count on Trace One to scale our future GHS needs."

    ICA Group
  • Selerant EHS compliance and SDS authoring hand uses dropper to mix fragrance

    Support you can count on

    "For every independent perfumer, there’s a wish to have this level of support. A solution that takes care of safety requirements so that perfumers can focus on development. Trace One SDS gives us the time to create outstanding, exquisite fragrances without compromising on safety, in a very efficient way."

  • TO_SDS_Testimonial_Image

    Ease of use

    "You have all the regulatory updates to stay complaint. You don't need to spend time in the system. You don't have to manually add anything. Once everything is uploaded to the cloud, it's easier and faster. Trace One SDS is intuitive and clear. The layout is beautiful to see."


Quick deployment for immediate use The Trace One Process

    • Discovery

      After signing an order form, one of Trace One's solution engineers will engage with your team to understand the environment and start the short process of optimizing Trace One SDS for you.
    • Cosmetics and Personal Care

      Having analyzed your company’s GHS activities and labeling requirements, our technicians will configure Trace One SDS to meet your needs.

    • Implementation

      Once Trace One SDS is synchronized with your company’s operations, a “Go live” date will be established. Leading up to this event, our technicians will help ready users with training spread across 1-2 days.
    • Deployment

      You’re ready to rollout Trace One SDS across the company. Our technicians are available to provide post-deployment support, including regulatory and technical assistance, ensuring your system is optimally configured and current.

Selerant EHS compliance and SDS authoring woman at computer in lab

SDS generation Automated Safety Data Sheets creation

Easily manage transport data, develop step-by-step comprehensive exposure scenarios, and improve communication and collaboration.

SDS authoring and management software

Selerant EHS compliance and SDS authoring woman in store looking at product label

Labeling made easy Customizable labeling templates

Easily generate and print compliant hazard labels, maintain an always-up-to-date master SDS, and automate distribution.

Selerant EHS compliance and SDS authoring man in paint shop mixing

Data you can trust Get the right SDS to the right people

Eliminate timely back and forth with automatic notifications for SDS updates. Integrate with your ERP system to keep contacts up to date and properly route changes. 

SDS distribution software

EHS updates straight to your inbox

Sign up to receive our EHS and compliance newsletter for consistent updates on changing regulations from our team of experts.

Trace One Sustainable packaging management

SIMPLIFYING SUSTAINABILITY Use Trace One Sustainability software to assess your products and packaging

Trace One Sustainability is an industry-leading LCA analysis tool that helps you uncover environmental impacts across a product’s lifecycle. Our sustainability software follows a multi-criteria approach to analyze new and existing formulas and accurately evaluate your products. Align reporting with your business goals and strategy.

Explore Trace One Sustainability software


of manufacturer revenue supported annually
passionate staff located around the world
countries supported by our regulatory solutions
customer-reported ROI from implementing Trace One Devex PLM


  • StayTray2 (1) (1)

    Expert Project Management

    "We were happy to collaborate with Trace One. The company shares our values and goals – which is literally to make a difference to people and planet. The way the Trace One team managed the project was seamless. They not only provided us with an LCA report but also with understanding how to leverage the analysis data in our business goals"

    Kate Stewart, Founder & CEO
    Stay Tray
  • Untitled design (7)

    Sustainability Consultants

    "A colleague of mine is a world-leading sustainability academic and recommended Trace One. I made some enquiries and was impressed with Trace One's consulting services and LCA eco-design tool Trace One Sustainability. It seemed superior to the others."

    Joe Wells, Founder & CEO


    • icon-discovery


      The Trace One implementation team works closely with your stakeholders to understand your product sustainability needs and select the proper subscription. We establish a timeline and provide a full demo of the system. 

    • icon-mapping

      Subscription Mapping

      After presenting our packaging and product development options, we confirm your desired subscription type and length and work to identify the number of licenses your team needs.

    • icon-implementation


      Our experts work with you to register user accounts and provide standard, post and super-user training. We provide customer service support and are available to answer any customer inquiries. 

    • icon-training

      Customer Success

      Our customer service team works to ensure a positive experience for your organization. Take advantage of direct access to our sustainability experts to guide your project success. We collect feedback and are available for any questions. 

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION Embed LCA analysis into the product lifecycle

Integrate lifecycle impact analysis and environmental audits into product development to optimize speed, cost-efficiency, visibility, and internal communications.

LCA analysis software

Untitled design (6)

FLEXIBILITY, EASE, AND SUPPORT Integrate Trace One Sustainability on your terms

Find the right option for your business with flexible solution options, supportive implementation, and a global support network with more than 30 years of experience.

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