Trace One Sustainability Case Study

Trace One Sustainability LCA Confirms Circular Innovation as Australian Closed-loop Packaging Goes Global

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Circular, an Australian product design company tackling the single-use plastic waste challenge with a new closed-loop packaging alternative for household liquid products, specifically for personal and home care.

Recognizing the need for a waste-free and easily
scalable packaging format in the market, the innovation team at Circular developed a proprietary refillable packaging system, which consists of a 100% recycled plastic vessel and an easily recycled aluminum refill.

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Reduce packaging waste Challenge

Circular sought to validate environmental benefit claims and understand how its packaging alternative compares to the use of traditional packaging.

Circular wanted to provide reassurance that while their packaging solution addressed the single-use plastic problem, it did not result in increased environmental impacts elsewhere such as greenhouse gas emissions,
water, and land usage, etc.

The packaging solution needed to be validated with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to confirm its unique selling points.

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Thorough Lifecycle Assessment Solution

By using the Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) tool in Trace One Sustainability Sustainable Design system, Circular can confirm its sustainable packaging advantage over leading competitors.

The Trace One Sustainability LCA report from Trace One provided Circular invaluable insights, enabling the team to make informed decisions on future product
optimization and development. 

As a result of this insight, Circular now understands that the focus should be on product durability and extension of the products' life.

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