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Trace One Insight delivers accurate, actionable insight that provides brand owners with the information they need to deliver the products consumers love and want to buy. This includes tracking sustainability measures as well as project and product activity.


How to turn your data into action?

Trace One Insight is an embedded analytics platform from every Trace One business solutions and third-party applications/data sources, with a 360-degree view of key concerns. It empowers your team to analyze data and monitor activity, define proactive plans, drive brand strategies and boost your business with a ready to use solution. Access role-based dashboards to understand key business risks and opportunities.


Discover Trace One Insight

Trace One Insight for Retailers

Trace One Insight for manufacturers

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Identify a risk or opportunity (Alert)

Receive an alert, notification or automated report, based on your role and business requirements Helping retailers differentiate their companies through private label data and proactive analytics.

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Understand and prioritize
the required action

Sign-on to the relevant business dashboard and use filters and additional insight to monitor your overall activities

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Take action to execute objectives (Report)

Drill-down and access complimentary reports and export key findings into attachments

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Create a clear business case (Action)

Forward business case or issue action request to key stakeholders within the process or business

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Monitor, evolve and assess impact (Monitor)

Schedule the analysis of the dashboard and/or report to understand the impact of the business case.

Key benefits

  • Improve Performance and Track key objectives against plan
  • Mitigate Risk and Identify areas in the business in relation to legislation and compliance
  • Increase Speed and analyze process bottlenecks, resource and capacity planning
  • Minimize errors to key packaging and design processes
  • Reduce Cost and understand supplier score-carding and product performance
  • Protect brand and monitor performance against corporate goals
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Drive your business through actionable Dashboards

Lifetime dashboard specifications allows to analyze the Time to market for new products or revised ones over time. Track certifications, identify and validate products (including specific raw materials, given origin, allergen, nutri-score improvement)

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Keep an eye on relevant data to track performance

Monitor project progress to prevent delays. Turn any dashboard into relevant automatic report. Meet customers deadlines.

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Ensure you deliver market compliant products with the highest quality

Mitigate risks (e.g. a supply risk). Identify impacted products (e.g. crisis). Keep up with regulation changes (e.g. site certification)

Key benefits

  • Easy to use, insight for manufacturers give a direct access to valuable dashboards.
  • Monitor project progress to prevent delays and meet deadlines.
  • Turn any dashboard into relevant automatic report.
  • Mitigate risks (e.g. a supply risk)
  • Identify impacted products (e.g. crisis)
  • Keep up with regulation changes

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Centralize Private Label and complementary data in order to identify opportunities and threats, execute actions and differentiate through data.


  • Manage and monitor a consistent brand and CSR strategy

  • Make faster, better decisions, based on fact not feelings

  • Make smarter decisions for higher quality products

  • Maintain full control with your own customizable dashboard

  • Consolidate disparate datastreams into one 360° source of business reporting data

  • Measure the success of your sustainability program and make tactical decisions

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Hear more from a company like yours

Novandie, a branch of the France-based Andros group, is a major supplier for private label products in the fresh dairy market, and leads the industry in the production of yogurts, dessert creams, cottage cheeses, and other dairy-based products. Over a period of two years Novandie has utilized Trace One Insight in order to carry out targeted research activities on all the 900 recipes that make up its product catalog. The tool has proven not only to save time but has also reduced error rates and driven efficiency.

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