PLM Software Solutions for CPG Private Label Brands

CPG retailers that want to produce their own private label brands need reliable retail PLM software to manage data throughout the product lifecycle. Trace One PLM reduces time to market and helps you ensure compliance with legislation and brand standards to minimize risks and costs.

PRODUCT LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT PLM software for retail CPG, from ideation to analytics

CPG retail solutions need to cover a spectrum of capabilities across the entire product lifecycle.
    • Plan

      • Project design
      • Schedule calculation
      • Task management
    • Development

      • Product specifications
      • Predefined templates
      • Supplier collaboration
    • Packaging

      • Packaging specifications
      • Design and artwork management
      • Online artwork proofing
    • Approval

      • Specification validation
      • Task validation
      • Electronic signature
    • icon-solutions

      Launch & Monitoring

      • Predefined dashboards
      • Notifications and alerts
      • Data export
Trace One_PLM_Software_for_CPG

RETAIL COMPLEXITY Consumer expectations change fast. Giving them what they want is a challenge.

As consumer expectations increase and e-commerce continues to advance, supplier networks are getting more complex and legislation is changing rapidly. CPG retailers need new systems and processes to manage these escalating demands throughout their product portfolio’s lifecycle — without compromising quality and speed.

Rising expectations drive complexity and risk

  • Increased workloads and change management
  • Growing SKU catalogs and supplier networks
  • Complex processes across multiple partnerships
  • Sophistication, collaboration, and consumer promises
Trace One_PLM_Software_for_CPG

SSOT product development A Scalable PLM System

Trace One PLM delivers collaborative tools and applications in a single, scalable product lifecycle management platform so you can ensure seamless connectivity and communication across teams. Drive sales and earn customers’ loyalty by accelerating the development and launch of remarkable products, all while reducing risks, simplifying processes, and driving efficiencies and cost savings from ideation to market launch.
  • Access a single source of truth where all product and project information exists centrally without resorting to shared spreadsheets or inefficient email searches.
  • Keep up with regulations and consumer demands to build customer loyalty and increase competitiveness in the market.
  • Make informed decisions through complete data visibility and intelligent analytical tools, all accessible in one place.

YOUR RETAIL PLM SOLUTION Trace One PLM software for private label brands

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ACCELERATE GO-TO-MARKET Get remarkable products to consumers faster

Reduce risks, simplify processes, and drive efficiencies and cost savings from ideation to market launch.

Trace One PLM is a secure, scalable, modular, and user-friendly SaaS solution with functional business applications designed to unify data, teams, and resources. Meet your specific security and interoperability needs with PLM software that integrates into your internal systems and configures to your specifications.

Connection and simplicity
  • Day-to-day support
  • Accelerated go-to-market
  • Informed strategy and decision-making
  • Rapid adoption
  • Streamlined integration
  • Security and configurability

A simple user experience design and centralized data storage eliminate silos and connect teams so they can communicate more effectively and operate more productively, wherever they work in the world. From ideation to commercialization, manage multiple projects, teams, and priorities to meet ambitious growth, innovation, sustainability, and quality goals.

Making workflows work
  • Task-driven activities and notifications
  • Integrated workflows across product development and launch
  • Reviews and approvals of key brand and packaging elements

Ensure 100% compliance with legislative and brand standards to accelerate how you develop environmentally friendly products that appeal to increasingly conscious consumers. Trace One PLM gives you instant access to global data, ensuring you deliver high-quality products and reduce time to market.

Visibility, control, and speed
  • Risk prevention and quality control
  • Faster and easier collaboration with suppliers 
  • Product and specification management
  • Real-time dashboards with global visibility

Review the marketplace, your suppliers, and new and existing products with comprehensive, centralized data capture that generates actionable insights. With Trace One PLM, stronger relationships give you the ability to adapt quickly to evolving marketplaces and supply chain disruptions.

Agile, actionable analytics
  • Data validations
  • Glossary control
  • Category-specific configurations
  • Qualified partner sourcing
  • Network management
  • Asset sharing

Leverage Trace One’s 20 years of experience as a strategic partner helping many of the world’s most demanding and dynamic retailers gain a competitive advantage to drive growth and innovation.

Trace One  PLM delivers a measurable return on investment, reducing time to market
by up to 40%.

Trace One Project Management and Artwork

Project and artwork management Accelerate Product & Packaging
Development Projects

Trace One Project & Pack enables brand owners to enhance collaboration, ensure efficiency and accelerate their product development projects through an intuitive project and artwork management platform offering flexible workflows, unified progress tracking, advanced document management and proofing tools, and comprehensive analytics for informed decision-making.

better efficiency during crisis management
faster specification development process
increase in revenue growth
3 mo
reduction in time to market

A COMPREHENSIVE SUITE A multifaceted, modular approach to retail PLM

Trace One PLM is the core SaaS platform. Its modules unlock powerful benefits for your business.
Trace One PLM

Leverage a secure, accessible solution that improves collaboration, communication, efficiency, and data sharing to deliver streamlined, end-to-end lifecycle management.


The Project Management Module

Accelerate product development and launch through collaborative project and team management, streamlined workflows, and integration with the Specification Management Module.


The Specification Management Module

Ensure the quality and safety of your products and enable rapid collaboration with team members and suppliers,


The Artwork Management Module

Stand out in a competitive marketplace, appeal to customers, and adapt to global market variations.


Trace One Analytics

Transform data into actionable insights across the entire product lifecycle to deliver excellence, track sustainability, and monitor project and product activity.


The Network Module

Create an agile approach to the marketplace by optimizing your present supply chain and laying a resilient foundation for the future.


ACTIONABLE ANALYTICS Trace One Analytics turns data into action

Trace One Analytics takes advantage of our unified platform to break down walls between data silos. Through consolidated data and analytics, you gain the visibility and intelligence you need to drive efficiencies, reduce time to market, and improve business performance.

Trace One_PLM_Software_for_CPG

Access role-based dashboards to understand key business risks and opportunities, then action tasks based on priority and impact.

Trace One_PLM_Software_for_CPG

Decompartmentalize and transform data into information you can apply directly to decision-making while you leverage predictive analytics to simulate scenarios and anticipate events.

Identify risks and opportunities

with alerts, notifications, and automated reports.

Understand the situation

and prioritize actions through contextually relevant dashboards.

Create a clear business case

by drilling down, accessing reports, and exporting key findings.

Take action

using action requests you can send to key stakeholders.

Monitor, evolve, and assess impact

with the ability to monitor dashboards and reports according to your needs.

"For UNFI brands, Trace One PLM is an essential element of all of our business operations. It's part of our supplier startup. It's part of all of our new product and maintenance items, and development throughout the year. And when we talk about portfolio, we have over 5,000 active SKUs. We have 500+ suppliers that we partner with. Trace One PLM has enabled efficiency and is a real connecting point with all of our cross functional areas, which makes projects go faster. Lastly, it has truly revolutionized how we do packaging for our brands.”

- Adam Sinley, UNFI Brands

MAKE CONNECTIONS Trace One PLM connects to your entire ecosystem through extensive integrations and APIs

Trace One PLM connects with a wide variety of retailer, brand owner, and ERP systems to keep your entire product journey visible and connected.

Trace One_Devex_PLM

As a global SaaS provider, we prioritize accommodating our customers’ technology ecosystems. Trace One PLM integrates with many common systems used by retailers and brand owners around the world, including ERP, PIM, and e-commerce websites.

Trace One_Devex_PLM

Trace One's REST APIs deliver interoperability, integration, and data automation to guarantee reliable and secure access to your data and a single source of truth. Synchronize your repositories across products, suppliers, brands, and more while distributing your product information over various exchange channels. By systematizing and structuring information exchange, Trace One APIs help you improve teamwork, information sharing, and automation of your data-driven processes.

Explore Trace One's REST APIs

REAL-WORLD PLM See what Trace One PLM can accomplish

Across food and beverage, household cleaning, and cosmetics PLM processes, our customers are using Trace One solutions to drive innovation and efficiency.

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Our Customers Include

  • AholdDelhaize
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