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Trace One Sustainability LCA Analysis

LCA analysis with Trace One Sustainability software can help you develop sustainable products, from R&D to packaging.

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Why Trace One Sustainability? Integrated LCA software

Trace One Sustainability LCA analysis helps product developers easily conduct sustainability assessments for products based on their carbon footprint, water consumption, energy use, and more. Make sustainability decisions early in the product development cycle by comparing different ingredients, packaging, manufacturing, and sourcing scenarios.

  • Collect internal, supplier, and industry lifecycle inventory data.
  • Integrate lifecycle inventory details into ERP materials and experimental product data.
  • Analyze all stages of a product’s lifecycle, from supply to disposal.
  • Introduce multi-criteria environmental indicators at the earliest stages of product design.
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customer-reported ROI from implementing our solutions Reduce packaging waste and overall environmental impact of your product portfolio


Manage Environmental Impact

Evaluate the environmental impact of products and their creation by adding or removing flexible indicators and aligning reporting to your company’s goals and strategy.

Multi-factor Visibility

Access reports on greenhouse gas emissions, non-renewables, water consumption, land use, and ecosystem quality.

Packaging Indicators

Understand package to product weight ratios, material waste, recycled content, and packaging recovery rate for your products.


LCA Analysis by Indicator

Assess a portfolio or group of products at a global level by category, brand, factory, or territory.

Support Strategy with Analysis

Drive strategic decisions with support from eco-design facts across logistics and operations to align with your public-facing environmental pledges.

Flexible Visibility

Leverage a dashboard featuring numerous charts, including Pareto analysis, heat maps, contribution analysis or endpoint charts to analyze and compare the impacts of product categories.


Full-process Calculation

Calculate losses for each step of the product lifecycle, enabling users to track mass at every stage of LCA.

Insights Across the Board

Access multiple charts through a single dashboard to maintain a strong understanding of product impacts.


Analyze and Optimize

Compare options and perform simulations to determine optimal improvements for your products.

Simulate as You Create

Simulate changes to products across packaging, ingredients, and manufacturing processes.

Sourcing and Suppliers

Assess how supplier or other sourcing changes like geography or agricultural practices will impact your products.

"We were happy to collaborate with Trace One. The company shares our values and goals – which is literally to make a difference to people and planet. The way the Trace One team managed the project was seamless. They not only provided us with an LCA report but also with understanding how to leverage the analysis data in our business goals"

Eliminate silos and barriers Seamless collaboration across all stakeholders


Virtually simulate environmental impacts as you work with product formulas.

LCA Experts

Manage your LCAs and environmental audits within one sustainability software tool.


Connect environmental supplier screening and communications with the wider LCA process.


Evaluate the environmental impact of different packaging designs and calculate package-to-weight ratio.

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