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Trace One Marketplace is the world’s largest CPG network where suppliers of all sizes can showcase their products to leading retailers and expand their business opportunities globally.

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Retailers and CPG companies face tremendous pressure to meet the needs of today’s consumers in a competitive grocery market. Both need to bring new products to market that reflect consumers’ lifestyle choices and comply with constantly changing legislation across diverse markets. Trace One Marketplace provides a solution for CPG manufacturers and retail buyers to overcome these business challenges.


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Access thousands of innovative products and new suppliers

Search the products you need with simple, clear product comparisons.
Communicate directly with potential suppliers. Request product samples or ask for a quotation prior to making any purchasing decisions

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Increase sourcing options for food and non-food goods

Find suppliers who can meet your innovation and compliance demands. Access their product
catalogues. Source locally or overseas. Use advanced search capabilities to find products based on GS1 categories, ingredients,
allergens, and country of origin

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Save time in sourcing reliable partners and products

Benefit from a directory of quality suppliers. Compare vendors, shortlist them to identify those who comply with your requirements in terms of certification and financial health. Publish sourcing requests for your specific needs to targeted audiences

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Build assortment according to changing consumer behaviors

Discover new healthy and sustainable
products with customized suggestions. Drill-down and add additional criteria for your categories
and geographical area

Opportunities for retailers

  • Access a global network of FMCG industry players
  • Discover trendy products and innovations
  • Build a network of trusted business partners
  • Communicate your needs for new products and receive proposals from suppliers
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Be visible to global and market leading retailers

Create your company profile and add information such as a description, keywords, your company’s certifications, and financial health to increase your
visibility to buyers

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Control the visibility of your product portfolio

Showcase your products and innovations to targeted audiences. Your products are automatically suggested to buyers in your region that are interested in your categories

Enter new markets

Answer sourcing requests and send
samples or quotations to close new deals

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Stay on top of industry trends to drive innovation

Access articles on the CPG industry and the latest consumer trends, to be proactive. Create product innovations and share them with retailers.

Benefits for manufacturers

  • Access a global network of retail business partners
  • Promote your products and be more visible to busy retail buyers
  • Answer sourcing requests from buyers and close new deals
  • Retain customers with innovations that anticipate consumer trends

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  • Get global visibility
  • Identify market trends and discover new product ideas
  • Collaborate and build relationships
  • Respond to consumer demand faster
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