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Mehr Wettbewerbsvorteile für Einzelhändler dank neuer Beschaffungslösung für Handelsmarken.

Die Einführung von Trace One E-Sourcing ergänzt die Plattform mit einem Tool, der Automatisierung, Flexibilität und entscheidungsrelevante Einblicke für den Einkauf bietet.

CSR & Sustainability

How to leverage your store brands to achieve your CSR objectives?

Corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives are no longer nice-to-have programs – they have become business requirements to help retailers compete effectively for conscious consumers’ wallets. So, what exactly to consumers expect and what can retailers to do adhere to their expectations?

Private Label

2020 Private Label Opportunities and Risk

The retail landscape is almost unrecognizable today compared with ten years ago. Consumers have experienced a decade of extreme change from global downturns which shook trust, to the mobilization of information and then social media. All these things have profoundly changed behavior.

White papers and reports

10-Step Guide To Fuel Private Label Success

Stakeholders in the Private Label industry feel overwhelmed by their responsibility to properly develop and monitor their food supply chains especially during crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic that all countries are currently facing.


3rd Food Safety & Quality Summit, Düsseldorf, Germany: October 13-14, 2020

Trace One, Platinum Sponsor of the 3rd Annual Food Safety & Quality Summit! This year’s edition of the Summit will address issues in food technology, packaging and labelling, as well as food laws and regulations. 

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Trace One E-Sourcing Bemerkenswerte Produkte profitabel beschaffen (Video)

Trace One E-Sourcing ist eine digitale Lösung für Einkäufer und Beschaffungsmanager im Einzelhandel, um schnell innovative Produkt...