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Brand owners face tough challenges: every day sees further advances in technology, changing consumer demands and new regulations and legislation. Meanwhile, they must keep developing new strategies to address eroding consumer trust and the accelerating global climate crisis. To thrive in such a challenging, constantly evolving environment, brand owners must be nothing less than remarkable – and so must their products. Trace One knows these challenges. We’re intensely specialized in CPG and retail industries. We spearhead a powerful global retail community at the heart of the industry ecosystem. Unified on one platform, our systems connect, streamline, and organize data, teams, and networks. This allows brand owners to overcome complexity and grasp the opportunities at every stage of the product lifecycle.

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TRA20001 - Entreprise - Christophe Vanackere

Christophe Vanackère

CEO of Trace One

The word of the CEO

“We’re here to foster the creation of remarkable products. We want to work with the most ambitious and perceptive brand owners – those who are determined to evolve and become remarkable themselves. Those who want to achieve positive change in the world by building a more sustainable future for our planet. We offer smart business solutions, collaboration on a global level and deep industry expertise and experience. We smooth the path for brand owners: overcoming complexity; streamlining data, teams and networks; and getting to market faster. Join us to continue building our remarkable community and share our insight and inspiration.”


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Our Story

  • 2001

    Launch of Trace One

    Trace One launches the first global e-collaborative platform for Private-Label quality management.

  • 2002

    Contract with Carrefour

    Carrefour France, the first Private Label retailer in Europe and second-largest in the world, signs on to take advantage of Trace One’s online solution.

  • 2009

    Trace One develops the BRC's platform

    Trace One develops the BRC’s platform (the British Retail Consortium).

    Trace One launches the PIM Catalogic Development Group, along with Coca-Cola, Colgate, L’Oréal, P&G etc.

  • 2015

    Worldwide expansion

    3 from the top 25 retailers have joined the Trace One Network.

  • 2016

    Trace One joins HG Capital

    HG Capital acquires full ownership of Trace One.

  • 2018

    Launch of Trace One Network

    Trace One launches its collaborative platform, a global community of 20 000+ brand owners spanning more than 100 countries.

  • 2019

    Launch of the Marketplace

    Trace One launches its Marketplace dedicated to manufacturers and distributors of consumer products.

  • 2021

    Trace One joins Symphony Technology Group

    The Palo Alto-based private equity firm acquires Trace One.

  • 2021

    Launch of RFx

    Trace One develops its tender management solution dedicated to buyers in the retail sector.

  • 2021

    New version of Master Data

    Trace One enables its customers to centralize information about products, sites and suppliers.

  • 2022

    Launch of QMS

    Trace One launches its audit management solution.

  • 2022

    Trace One acquires Selerant

    Selerant’s formula-based PLM, compliance, and environment health & safety software solutions directly extend the supplier engagement and transparency capabilities of Trace One’s core PLM offering, particularly across its private label manufacturer and supplier customers.

    >> Learn more about Selerant's acquisition by Trace One

Meet our executive team


Christope Vanackère

Chief Executive Officer

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Christophe leads the vision and strategy of Trace One and develops the culture of performance to strengthen the leadership of the company.

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Florent Colinet

Chief Financial Officer


Florent oversees G&A activities which comprise finance, accounting & legal.

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Constance Drouot

Constance Drouot

Chief Human Resources Officer


Constance oversees all human resources activities such as recruitment, training and career development.

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Carlo Colombo

Chief Revenue Officer


Carlo leads global sales and growth, ensuring direct and indirect revenues in the process manufacturing and retail PLM software markets.

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Benjamin Lécuiller

Chief Customer Officer


Benjamin oversees the teams dedicated to professional services, onboarding, training and customer success suppliers.

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Valérie Duroux

Valérie Duroux

Chief Legal Officer


Valérie leads Trace One's legal team and manages all legal activities of the Trace One group both in France and for its foreign subsidiaries.

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Sunil Thomas

Chief Marketing Officer


Sunil handles the marketing and CRM teams, and North American operations, bringing his experience in management, and business development.

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Antoine Daviet

Antoine Daviet

Chief Product Officer


Antoine leads the product strategy for Trace One and oversees the product marketing, product management and customer support teams.

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Jacopo Colombo

Chief Technology Officer


Jacopo is in charge of R&D teams, focusing on technological needs of our customers and providing enterprise software solutions.

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Frederic Delaporte

Frederic Delaporte

Chief Information Officer


Frederic is in charge of the company's information systems. He supervises the infrastructure, database, devops, network, security and corporate IT teams.

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Our values

TRA20001 - Entreprise - section5 - valeur-apprendre

Ingenuity and creativity

Our technical and business teams adapt to our customers' problems, follow trends and incorporate them in an agile way into our solutions and services.

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We have a strong spirit of mutual aid which allows us to gain performance in order to better serve our customers and achieve their objectives.

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Passion and energy

Our passion and energy drives us to commit and surpass ourselves to deliver projects and grow the business.

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Expertise in PLM

Our expertise in PLM and our professionalism allow us to benchmark the market and to support customers in order to optimize the marketing of their offers and share best practices.

Our partners



ConsoTrust is a certification platform for product data (food and non-food) for brands and retailers. The platform provides the many services, with a contractual and systematic commitment of reliability and enforceability.

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GS1 Partner

GS1 France assists companies of all sizes, from VSE/SMEs to large groups, and belonging to more than 15 sectors (consumer goods, e-commerce, distribution, health, wine & spirits, food, ...). 84.5% are industrialists, manufacturers and importers; 15% are distributors, logistics providers and transporters and 0.5% are solution providers.

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For over 30 years Mintec has been the leading provider of raw material market prices and analysis covering more than 14,000 food ingredients and non-food raw materials. Through its data and online analytics tools, Mintec empower their customers to better understand supplier prices, analyse their spend and more effectively control their costs.

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Trace One official partner of ScanUp

The co-creation offer proposed by the ScanUp teams complements our E-Sourcing offer. Thus, we will actively offer our distributors the possibility of directly soliciting consumers on the construction of the specifications of a product even before marketing it.

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Citeo is a company with a mission created by companies in the consumer goods and distribution sector to reduce the environmental impact of their packaging and paper, by offering them solutions for reduction, reuse, sorting and recycling. Today, 70% of household packaging and 57.5% of paper are recycled thanks to the sorting gesture of the French, which has become the first eco-citizen gesture.

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