About Carlo Colombo, CRO

"Revenue is not merely numerical; it's a reflection of how well we unlock the full potential of our solutions for clients. In doing so, we not only boost their value but also fortify customer loyalty. We're in the business of transforming potential into tangible progress."

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As the Chief Revenue Officer of Trace One, Carlo Colombo specializes in maximizing customer value. He wants to ensure that clients recognize the full potential of Trace One's suite of solutions, which not only enhances their own value propositions but also deepens loyalty among their customers. With a career spanning more than three decades in information technology and product lifecycle management, Carlo leads global sales and growth initiatives. His holistic approach goes beyond immediate revenue, focusing on anticipating customer needs and providing tailored solutions for their daily challenges.

Before his tenure at Trace One, Carlo spent 24 years leading Selerant, which under his guidance became a leader in the process manufacturing industry. Now a part of Trace One post-merger, the combined entity aims to reshape the retail Consumer-Packaged Goods and process manufacturing landscapes.

Guided by a commitment to innovation and a customer-first approach, Carlo does not just react to market demands; he anticipates and shapes them. His strategic leadership is invaluable as Trace One navigates digital transformation and seeks to capture new markets.