About Christophe Vanackère, CEO

"As we unleash the new Trace One, we're not just transforming software. We are shaping the future of retail CPG and process manufacturing industry one innovation at a time."

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Christophe Vanackère is a strategic visionary handpicked to steer Trace One into a transformative new phase in CPG and Retail innovation. As CEO of the legacy Trace One, Christophe’s priority was to modernize operations and transform it into a successful and scalable SaaS vendor. This foundational work set the stage for Trace One’s strategic acquisition and seamless integration of process manufacturing leader Selerant. This pivotal move was the first significant step in fulfilling Trace One's vision to emerge as a global leader in PLM and Compliance.

With expertise in SaaS, cloud technology, and customer service, Christophe understands the nuanced demands of the evolving CPG and Retail industries. His skill in aligning business ambitions with technological innovation is a cornerstone of Trace One's strategic global expansion, now spanning 28 countries. Christophe's leadership philosophy emphasizes profitability, people, and performance, values that are embedded in the company’s DNA.

Under his guidance, the new Trace One is committed to empowering brands with a comprehensive approach to CPG and Retail product development. This enables companies to innovate and bring remarkable products to market faster, easier, and more profitably than ever before.