About Florent Colinet, CFO

“Financial agility fuels technological prowess. Trace One is committed to utilizing both our financial and technology assets to making a meaningful impact on our industry.”

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Serving as Trace One’s CFO, Florent Colinet is a strategic linchpin, driving the company’s financial and operational success. Specializing in IFRS GAAP, bank reporting, and cash flow projections, Florent goes beyond traditional financial roles. He actively partners with executive leadership to leverage performance metrics and financial insights, aiding in decisive action for sustained growth and profitability.

Since joining in 2018, Florent has been instrumental in modernizing financial systems. His implementation of Adaptive Insights streamlined reporting and optimized resource allocation. Moreover, he’s fostered key relationships across departments, notably with Sales, to refine actionable Key Performance Indicators.

Prior to Trace One, Florent honed his financial and leadership skills at PwC, managing complex audits and directing large teams. These experiences perfectly position him to align with Trace One's mission to be a global leader in product lifecycle management, influencing the company’s global reach.