About Frederic Delaporte, CIO

"In a world driven by data, security isn't just a checklist. It's the foundation of trust that allows us to do amazing things. We're going to build that trust one client at a time."

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As Chief Information Officer, Frederic Delaporte brings a rare blend of security consciousness and transformative technological vision to Trace One. Frederic oversees the company’s intricate information systems, ensuring seamless alignment with the brand's bold journey toward 360° product lifecycle management. He manages a diverse array of teams, covering infrastructure, database, DevOps, network, security, and corporate IT.

With over a decade in cyber and information security, including significant stints at Wavestone and I-Tracing, Frederic's experience is deep and broad. His previous roles saw him at the vanguard of implementing secure solutions from SIEM and SOC for Societe Generale to legal compliance projects adhering to ITIL & ISO 27001 standards. His focus on secure, scalable, and efficient systems amplifies Trace One’s mission to act as a catalyst for growth in the retail CPG and process manufacturing sectors.

As part of Trace One’s leadership, Frederic aims to leverage his expertise to further empower the company’s digital transformation and growth. His commitment to robust and secure technological infrastructures promises to keep the company’s solutions fast and reliable while solidifying its market leadership in an increasingly competitive industry.