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Why work with us

Innovation is the bedrock of our competitive advantage, propelling us to new heights in the market.

Working at Selerant offers an enriching experience within a vibrant and ever-evolving reality. Our work environment thrives on innovation, empowering employees to address global challenges alongside international stakeholders.

At Selerant, we deeply value our human resources and believe in their potential for growth. Enhancing their value forms a fundamental pillar of our corporate philosophy, complemented by our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and our relentless pursuit of product excellence.

Human resource development lies at the heart of our pursuit of excellence.

Selerant strongly believe that individuals unlock their true potential by actively nurturing their professional growth, constantly honing their skills, and embracing continuous learning to expand their knowledge.

We offer opportunities  in diverse countries, allowing individuals to gain a global perspective, learn about different functional areas, and build specialized or managerial careers. We highly value individuals who exhibit enthusiasm in taking on new challenges and possess a willingness to thrive in international settings. We appreciate team working and leadership skills, as they contribute to our collaborative environment.

A proactive and innovation mindset are crucial qualities we seek, particularly when coupled with research and study experiences abroad. A strong command of English, as well as proficiency in a second language, completes the profile of the individuals we eagerly seek to join our team, aligning with the demands of our company.

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Our Customers Include

Industry Leading Food & Beverage Product Development and Compliance Solutions

Selerant applies proven methodology to guide its customers to long-term operational success. Our product development and compliance solutions extend to all parts of the NPDI process to build efficiencies, streamline communication and enhance product traceability.