Trace One Devex PLM Case Study

Beloved brand harmonizes formula systems and workflows to enhance control, efficiency and innovation with Trace One Devex PLM



A family business founded mid-century
with a famous, iconic brand, this inimitable
food retailer has grown to supply not only
consumers with their favorite flavors in
branded dressings and sauces but also
white-label products for nearly every fridge
and pantry in the country. 


Streamlining Processes for Quality and Efficiency Challenge

When digitizing product lifecycle management workflows, the company needed to leverage its existing formula systems consistently, yet find new ways to uncover the value in recombining ingredients to launch innovative products to market faster.


Efficiency for Every Step Solution

In just over three years, Trace One Devex PLM
transformed workflows, seamless synchronization via
middleware, and integrated regulatory compliance during
a slow-roll, three-phase process across four plants.


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