Trace One Devex PLM Case Study

Leading global ingredients company innovates faster with Trace One Devex PLM



A 100-year-old ingredients solutions
company makes sweeteners, starches,
nutrition ingredients and biomaterials that
are used by customers in everyday products
from foods and beverages to paper and
pharmaceuticals. Based in the United States,
it turns grains, fruits and vegetables into the
crunchy, sweet foods consumers crave and
delivers the textures they want in their
lotions, creams and paper products.

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Time for a Global View Situation

A single ingredient combined with raw materials
creates a customized, complex product, or “food
system” for customers. After inception, food systems need to be out of production rapidly, ideally in less than a month. The company’s acquisition of a food systems business and the subsequent growth of this division created an urgent need for tighter control of their product lifecycle management.

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Key Enabler Solution

Trace One Devex PLM was the best option for
product lifecycle management of its food systems business. The solution meets business needs and enables the company’s ambitious growth.  In just eight months, food technicians worked with IT, quality and regulatory, and other internal stakeholders to craft a knowledge exchange supporting continuous work within the same project.


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