Trace One Devex PLM Case Study

Billion-dollar global nutrition business centralizes product development with Advanced Formulation Suite in Trace One Devex PLM



This company’s mission is to produce science-based nutrition products for every stage of life. The company produces a leading brand fed to infants in hospitals, and its specialized adult nutrition line also leads in offering balanced and targeted nutrition products to help adults stay active and at their best.

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Optimizing PLM for Compliance and Quality Challenge

The company sought a centralized PLM solution for managing its global nutrition business They needed to have built-in registrations by country, and pull together all of their needs for compliance, sourcing, digital marketing, and product safety/quality.

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Maximizing Efficiency Solution

The company implemented the Advanced Formulation Suite within Trace One Devex PLM to comprehensively manage its product lifecycle. From design to recipe, nutrition scientists reduce the time spent verifying data accuracy and manually entering regulatory needs, while analyzing the formula and planning for production.


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