Trace One Devex PLM Case Study

Global confectionery giant, Lindt, upgraded its Trace One Devex PLM platform to embrace innovation and maintain compliance



Founded in 1845, Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli supplies quality chocolate to the world through their own subsidiaries, regional offices, extensive network of global distributors, as well as their own 500 stores.


An Overdue Update to Leverage New Features Situation

The company ran PLM for Manufactures (Devex) Version 3.5 without updates until 2020. Knowing that the PLM solution was reaching its end of life and seeing the opportunity of the features of the latest PLM for Manufactures (Devex) version provided was a compelling reason for Lindt & Sprüngli to consider an upgrade across the organization.

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A Coordinated Upgrade Solution

The Trace One and Lindt & Sprüngli teams worked closely together over the next year before going live with the latest PLM for Manufactures (Devex) version in 2021.

dProject teams worked to define, refine, and execute on an ambitious PLM upgrade roadmap with the goal of a smooth rollout across all brands and across the global team. Their preparation at the outset was key to minimizing the complexity of the upgrade through effective change management.

The Lindt & Sprüngli teams looked forward to:

  • Project and Idea Management tools in PLM for Manufactures (Devex) Innovation Process Management Suite
  • Enhanced Single Formula Editor 
  • Enhanced Labeling and Packaging tools
  • Compatibility with modern web browsers

Download the case study to learn more about the team's outcomes after the completed update!

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