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2020 Private Label Opportunities and Risk

The retail landscape is almost unrecognizable today compared with ten years ago. Consumers have experienced a decade of extreme change from global downturns which shook trust, to the mobilization of information and then social media. All these things have profoundly changed behavior.

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10-Step Guide To Fuel Private Label Success

Stakeholders in the Private Label industry feel overwhelmed by their responsibility to properly develop and monitor their food supply chains especially during crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic that all countries are currently facing.


3rd Food Safety & Quality Summit, Düsseldorf, Germany: October 13-14, 2020

Trace One, Platinum Sponsor of the 3rd Annual Food Safety & Quality Summit! This year’s edition of the Summit will address issues in food technology, packaging and labelling, as well as food laws and regulations. 

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Trace One is still hiring during the containment

If you are looking for a company on a human scale with a start-up atmosphere, if you are enterprising and want to make an impact in every project you lead, then Trace One is for you!

The Marketplace for CPG sellers and suppliers


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If you’re like Léon and want to meet your future customers and boost your sales, sign up for free and try Trace One Marketplace. With Trace One, expand your business opportunities globally!


Every day, Leon takes care of his cows, so they give him their best milk. Him and his team make excellent organic yogurt presented in sustainable packaging. Unfortunately, Léon can't sell all of his merchandise through local sales outlets. His dream is to sell his yogurt in supermarkets. But Leon doesn't have time and enough resources to prospect retailers. And he can't afford to attend trade shows. Luckily, Leon discovered Trace One and its online marketplace. It helps responsible manufacturers and committed producers promote their products to retail buyers. By simply signing up for Trace One Marketplace, Léon quickly found new customers and was able to grow his business.

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marketplace for buyers

Marketplace for retail and CPG buyers

If you are like Marc and you want to find reliable suppliers and innovative products, sign up for free and try Trace One Marketpla...

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La Marketplace pour les fabricants et vendeurs de PGC

Si vous souhaitez rencontrer vos futurs clients et propulser vos ventes, inscrivez-vous sur la plateforme et tester gratuitement n...

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La Marketplace pour les acheteurs de la distribution et des PGC

Si vous souhaitez trouver des fournisseurs fiables et développer votre marché, faites le test, inscrivez-vous sur la plateforme et...

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