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Trace One Marketplace: Where CPG Buyers and Retailers Connect

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If you are like Marc and you want to find reliable suppliers and innovative products, sign up for free and try Trace One Marketplace. With Trace One, expand your business opportunities globally!


Marc is a retail buyer. Every day, he studies his product sales. Unfortunately, even with hard work, some sales have dropped. So, Marc checks out his competitors and finds out they face the same problem with traditional products. Consumer needs have changed. They want sustainable, healthy and organic products. To get his sales back on track, Marc starts chasing the next BEST product to sell. One that no other retailer has ever discovered. But he can't find it (through his usual sourcing methods).

Luckily, Marc discovered Trace One and its online marketplace. It helps retail buyers easily identify and source responsible manufacturers and committed producers. With Trace One Marketplace, Marc finally found the product he's been looking for.