New Trace One Marketplace Connects Retail Companies to Spark Growth

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Posted By: Trace One

Trace One, the world’s largest collaborative retail business platform for consumer packaged goods (CPG), today announced the launch of Trace One Marketplace, an online retail resource that connects global retailers and CPG producers to help them grow through new business development. Trace One Marketplace centralizes and accelerates traditional retail processes like product discovery, networking and marketing for superior convenience, efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Trace One Marketplace helps retailers and manufacturers identify reliable business partners, save time, drive business and delight consumers. Producers of all sizes benefit from increased visibility for their company and products. They gain easy online access to global retailers, which will decrease their marketing costs and help them sell more. Retail buyers can easily discover innovative products by requesting product samples in just one click. Easy product discovery can help retailers create assortments consumers love, which can boost store traffic, sales and loyalty.


To support agile product innovation that reflects consumer demand, buyers can publish specific requests about products they seek. CPG producers will receive buyers’ requirements, which they can use to develop new products to speed up the process from product idea to store shelf. Such strategic collaboration has emerged as a major retail trend in 2019 as companies realize they can’t adapt to industry upheaval on their own. Collaboration helps retailers and CPG producers combine their efforts and insights, adapt to consumers’ needs faster and reduce risk.


“Trace One Marketplace will help retailers and manufacturers of all sizes drive new business, boost speed to market and gain a competitive advantage through simple and secure collaboration,” said Christophe Vanackère, CEO, Trace One. “This solution will help companies evolve beyond a retailer-vendor relationship to a true partnership.” By using Trace One Marketplace, companies can easily discover local and global partners and products to get to market faster. “Producers no longer need a big budget and brand power to get buyers’ attention,” said Antoine Daviet, Head of Product Marketing,


Trace One. “Trace One Marketplace levels the playing field by helping even smaller manufacturers boost their visibility among retail buyers.”

Consumers are the big winners, as Trace One Marketplace will help companies adapt to consumer demand faster. Traditionally, retail buyers searched for products within discrete grocery categories like dairy and bakery. Now Trace One Marketplace allows buyers to search for product trends that span categories like organic, vegan and sustainable, which makes it easier to help consumers to shop according to their values and dietary requirements.

Trace One Marketplace also makes it easier to find trading partners to support corporate social responsibility initiatives, like finding local suppliers to reduce retailers’ carbon footprint.

Global retailers and CPG producers can register now for free.