Trace One X ConsoTrust: towards better data verification

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Trace One, the world’s largest collaborative platform for retailers and FMCG companies, announces today its partnership with ConsoTrust, a start-up specialized in Food, HPH / Cosmetics that operates through an automated platform aimed at ensuring the reliability and quality of product data.

Trace One’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution supports the development processes of private label products and, in particular, the construction of product and packaging specifications to better meet consumers’ expectations and new requirements.


As our solutions are already used by most French brand owners, it was perfectly natural to offer our mutual customers the ConsoTrust functionalities within Trace One. On top of this, we have the capacity and the willingness to develop our partnership abroad” explains Julien Doyen, CEO of ConsoTrust.


By directly connecting the ConsoTrust product data certification platform to the Trace One PLM suite, this partnership makes it possible to secure the quality of product data and improve its reliability, thus adding more value to the product data.


I am delighted that this partnership will allow all our customers to have reliable and verified data, as well as user-friendly data for updating their e-commerce website. The CodeOnline Food online service from GS1 France, for example, or consumer apps, available via the ConsoTrust application” explains Christophe Vanackère, CEO of Trace One.


This alliance, based on the principle of close collaboration, will make it possible to integrate the process of validating the specifications between distributors and manufacturers. New automated functions are aimed at reliability and enrichment of product data; from the beginning of the process and before the validation of the specifications within the Trace One solution. It also allows ConsoTrust to continue to re-inject the reworked and reliable data at the source of their input, which will be an advantage in production during re-readings.


Together, Trace One and ConsoTrust will contribute to the constant improvement of collaborations between the supplier and the distributor by enabling the delivery of ever more reliable and transparent product information to the end user.


About ConsoTrust

Founded in 2018, ConsoTrust is a product data certification platform (food and non-food) for brands and distributors. The platform provides automated reliability, enrichment and product data compliance services to improve the management of data quality and the performance of ranges and assortments according to consumer requirements.


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