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Trace One rebrands, inspiring brand owners to make remarkable products

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A new identity to present long-standing expertise in a new light

There have always been strong rational reasons for brand owners to choose Trace One, but the company has identified that the time has come to differentiate. In a market where many competitors are impersonal, tech-focused and feature-led, offering a relationship based on the values shared with brand owners will create stand-out. Trace One is now where remarkable products begin. This builds on an existing expert position to create a thought-leading inclusive brand identity. The new approach will allow Trace One to better support its customers, helping them to be prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing market. This is true for brand owners of all sizes, all around the world.


The new brand strategy and identity is rooted in a truth that Trace One shares with all segments of the audience: to make remarkable products. The new brand personality and tone of voice reflect this approach. It was important that Trace One’s expertise, passion and heritage weren’t forgotten, but could flex across their suite of products and straight into the hearts and minds of the CPG and retail community. Our New Logo conveys our ambition to enable brand owners and their products to ‘be all they can be” by connecting expertise, people, and information in one place to overcome complexity and grasp the opportunities at every stage of the product life cycle.

A brand to inspire the retail and CPG industry to create remarkable products that empower consumers

To be called remarkable, products must be more than just fit for the future; they must delight consumers and lead the market. Brand owners across the whole industry face tough challenges. Every day sees further advances in technology, changing consumer demands and new regulations and legislation. Meanwhile, they must keep developing new strategies to address eroding consumer trust and the accelerating global climate crisis. To thrive in such a demanding, constantly evolving environment, brand owners must be nothing less than remarkable – and so must their products. Trace One knows these challenges inside and out, with teams that are intensely specialized in CPG and retail. It spearheads a powerful global retail community at the heart of the industry ecosystem. Unified on one platform, Trace One systems connect, streamline and organize data, teams and networks. This allows brand owners to overcome complexity, grasp the opportunities at every stage of the product lifecycle, and be successful in their digital transformation. Trace One has fostered strategic, long-term partnerships with high-profile businesses around the world for almost two decades. Evidence-based insight and analysis generates tightly targeted solutions and services that let brand owners develop unique, beneficial, sustainable products in line with their CSR commitments. Such remarkable products are the ones that will thrive, empower consumers and change the way we live.

“We’re here to foster the creation of remarkable products. We want to work with the most ambitious and perceptive brand owners – those who are determined to evolve and become remarkable themselves. Those who want to achieve positive change in the world by building a more sustainable future for our planet. We offer smart business solutions, collaboration on a global level and deep industry expertise and experience. We smooth the path for brand owners: overcoming complexity; streamlining data, teams and networks; and getting to market faster. Join us to continue building our remarkable community and share our insight and inspiration.”

Christophe Vanackère, CEO


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About Trace One

We’ve created a global community of 20,000+ brand owners, spanning more than 100 countries. Our smart solutions let them collaborate and innovate on remarkable products worth over $300 billion every year. We’ve been helping them create products that consumers love and want to buy since 2001, through bigger (and faster) thinking. Our people are passionate about helping brand owners develop remarkable products: those that are good for society and for our planet. More than half of us have previously worked in the roles our customers work in today. This gives us a unique depth of knowledge and experience specific to CPG – one which drives us to innovate and solve the big challenges of this industry. Our culture matches our diverse, international customer base. We value and nurture our diversity not only for its own sake, but also because it helps us understand how to best serve local markets.



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