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Using packaging to meet the consumer's growing ethical concerns 26 juin 2019 Par

Using packaging to meet the consumer’s growing ethical concerns

When it comes to making a purchase, factors such as appearance, taste or convenience are no longer the only things considered. Purchasing choices have become ethical and political issues.

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Challenging Times Ahead for the Food Supply Chain 7 juillet 2015 Par

Challenging Times Ahead for the Food Supply Chain

Evolving consumer demands, along with the diversity of global sourcing enabled by modern logistics, mean that supply chains are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This sophistication also means complexity, making effective management and collaboration essential to the long-term success of retailers and manufacturers. However, a recent industry-wide survey on current supply chain management (SCM) practices, conducted by SGS, confirms that although organisations do have systems and processes in place to manage their supply chain network, they are not always perceived to be very effective.

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