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Trace One Regulatory Compliance Case Study Well-known snack brand develops new plant-based snack product with the help of Trace One Regulatory Compliance

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Expanding business in new markets Challenge

A successful, well-known North American snack company with a long track record of new products and a global presence, looked to expand business to new markets.

As they looked to expand offerings into new markets, Product Development formulated a new series of plant-based snack recipes. However, these recipes included naturally derived colors, novel foods, and multiple unique ingredients they previously hadn’t used
and that aren’t well known by consumers.

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Stay up to date on changing regulations Solution

The company uses Trace One Regulatory Compliance, a global food news and regulatory platform, to determine
which markets have rules and guidelines around these new ingredients. Because many of these plant-based ingredients are new and potentially difficult to evaluate, Trace One Regulatory Compliance’s scope allows a wide net to be cast to gather information and stay up to date with evolving industry news throughout the product development process.

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