What 2023 flavor and ingredient trends mean for your business white paper download

What 2023 Flavor and Ingredient Trends Mean for Your Business

| Product Lifecycle Management | Food & Beverage
Posted By: Trace One


It’s 2023, and the new normal is in full swing. As we emerge from the pandemic
and learn to adapt to inflation, consumer behaviors and tastes are evolving.
That presents special challenges for food and beverage manufacturers and retailers—
but it also offers opportunities.

The surging popularity of private labels offers a special opportunity for retailers who own their brands and work alongside their CPG suppliers. They have the unique ability to direct product development as they engage with consumers where they shop. 

Download the 2023 Flavor & Ingredient Trends white paper to learn more about the following seven trends and the opportunity they create for your business:

  •  “Healthy eating” is out. Functional health is in
  • Women’s reproductive health has a seat at the table
  • Redefined energy drinks go from wildness to wellness
  • Personal health meets planetary health
  • Add flair to functional health with florals and botanicals
  • Fusion flavors blend indulgence and nostalgia
  • Latin American beverages deliver a fresh splash of authenticity

Download the white paper to learn what these flavor and ingredient trends mean for you!