A practical solution to place detergent products on the market in compliance with Regulation (EC) 648/2004

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A practical solution to place detergent products on the market in compliance with Directive (EC) 648/2004Detergents are defined by Regulation (EC) 648/2004, Article 2, paragraph 1 as follows:

  • Any substance or mixture containing soaps and/or other sufactants intended for washing and cleaning processes
  • «auxiliary washing mixture»
  • «laundry fabric - softener»
  • «cleaning mixture»
  • «other cleaning and washing mixtures» intended for any other washing and cleaning processes


The regulation repeals five previous Directives regarding the biodegradability of surfactants detergents (Directives 73/404/EEC, 73/405/EEC, 82/242/EEC, 82/243/EEC and 86/94/EEC) and the Recommendation 89/542/EEC regarding the labelling of detergents. The regulation also proposes the uniform and simultaneous harmonisation of the detergent rulings in the member States, encouraging the simplification of further modifications.

For further details, the Regulation text is available at this link.

The Regulation aims to harmonize:

  • The biodegradability of surfactants and the following bans or restrictions that might be imposed when placed on the market
  • The labelling of detergents for both domestic and professional use
  • The information that manufacturers must hold at the disposal of the Member States’ competent authorities and medical personnel


Manufacturers must list on the label all the ingredients reported in decreasing quantity by weight, as well as a website from where the consumers can obtain the full list of ingredients. Any allergenic substance must be indicated on the label.

Furthermore, manufacturers shall provide the technical data sheet to the medical personnel on request, without delay and free of charge, with the list of all the ingredients as stated in Annex VII.C.

Example of detergent labelling according to Regulation (EC) 648/2004

Example of detergent labelling according to Regulation (EC) 648/2004.

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