Australia adopts GHS 7, the transitional period has begun

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Full support from Australian industry

australia-ghs7_1200pxLast January 10th 2020 the Australian health and safety agency (Safe Work Australia, SWA) agreed to adopt the seventh revision of GHS after receiving “unanimous” support from industry.

On January 1st 2021 the transitional period has begun, allowing manufacturers and importers to adapt to the new rules for classification, labelling and compilation of Safety Data Sheets in accordance with GHS 7.

Building Block approach

Of the GHS 7 building blocks, Australia will adopt:

  • Desensitised explosives
  • Aerosols category 3
  • Subcategorization for flammable gas of category 1
  • Additional hazard classes for pyrophoric and chemically unstable gases

However, the following classes/categories will not be adopted:

  • Acute Toxicity category 5 (for all routes of exposure)
  • Aspiration hazard category 2
  • Flammable gases of category 2
  • All environmental hazard classes

We also report the introduction of category 2B for eye irritation.

Finally, Safe Work Australia has published guides to help manufacturers and importers in this transition.

For more information regarding the GHS 7 implementation by Australia please use the following links:

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