Canada Extends the Use of Spirulina Extract to Certain Unstandardized Food

Posted By: Trace One

Trace One_Canada Proposes Approve Spirulina Extract Food Colour-January 2020

On February 08, 2021, Health Canada’s Food Directorate issued the legislation amendment “Notice of Modification to the List of Permitted Colouring Agents to Extend the Use of Spirulina Extract to Certain Unstandardized Foods.”

The scientific document provides following information of interest for the Food Business Operators for immediate implementation:

  • To extend the use of Spirulina extract in certain foods such as “Custards”, “Dessert coatings”, “Puddings”, and “Toppings” and in certain Unstandardized food category by removing the exception “unstandardized chocolate confectionery” from “Unstandardized confectionery.”
  • Food category “Unstandardized non-alcoholic beverage dry mixes” is added to the list.
  • The requested maximum levels of use in all these foods to be used at level consistent with GMP.
  • Based on the safety evaluation, the entry for “unstandardized confectionery” was expanded to all types of unstandardized confectionery including those that contain chocolate. However, this entry excludes any chocolate product that meets one of the standards set out in Division 4 of the Food and Drug Regulations.

 The regulation is effective from February 08, 2021.

To view the complete regulation, check out the Food News Monitoring System and be up-to-date with latest amendments.