Canada Modifies List of Firming Agents to Clearly Identify Certain Canned Vegetables

Posted By: Trace One

canned vegetablesOn August 05th, 2022, Health Canada’s Food Directorate published the “Notice of Modification to the List of Permitted Firming Agents to More Clearly Identify Certain Canned Vegetables”. The regulation amends the list of permitted firming agents.


The document outlines the following key points:


  • The entries for calcium chloride, calcium citrate, calcium phosphate, monobasic; and calcium sulphate has been modified;
  • The application name “Tomatoes” has been replaced with “Canned tomatoes”;
  • “Canned vegetables” have been replaced with “Canned (naming the vegetable)” for standardized foods and “Unstandardized canned vegetables” for unstandardized foods;
  • The maximum level of use in unstandardized canned vegetables, canned tomatoes, and canned (naming the vegetable) is 0.026% calculated as calcium;
  • Canned peas were split from “canned (naming the vegetable)” due to the high maximum level of use for calcium chloride.

The regulation is effective August 05th, 2022.


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