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Canada Proposes Maximum Residue Limit for Pesticides Trifloxystrobin

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Posted By: Linsa Valayil John Eappen

eu-proposes-import-tolerances-for-the-pesticide-deltamethrin (3) (1)-4On May 7th, 2024, the Government of Canada opens a consultation on "Maximum Residue Limit for Trifloxystronbin on Dried Shelled Beans and Peas (excluding soybeans)".

The major key points summarized are as follows:

  • Authorities recommend declaring the products on label of Delaro technical grade containing Fluopyram, Prothioconazole and Trifloxystrobin, to control certain fungal diseases;
  • The scientific evaluation on consumer health safety indicates no harm at acceptable limit;
  • Dietary risks from the consumption of the food were shown to be sufficient when used according to the supported label directions;
  • The proposed MRL for Trifloxystrobin is found to be 0.06 ppm is same as US Tolerance;
  • The MRLs however varies for Codex and is established at 0.01ppm.

The Consultation period is valid till July 21st, 2024.

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