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Canada Proposes Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides Dimethoate and Fluensulfone

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Posted By: Trace One

On June 02nd,2022, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) published the notices on “Proposed Maximum Residue Limit PMRL2022-10, Dimethoate" and "Proposed Maximum Residue Limit PMRL2022-11, Fluensulfone”.


The document summarizes the below:

  • Proposes the acceptability of uses on raw agricultural commodities and processed food products;
  • The MRLs of the pesticide Dimethoate are proposed on Annual Canarygrass grains at 0.04 ppm;
  • The MRLs of the pesticide Fluensulfone are proposed for various food commodities such as Dried apples at 0.9 ppm, Citrus oils at 15 ppm, Potato chips at 2.0 ppm, etc.;
  • The requested tolerances pose no risk to consumer health and ensure the safety of its uses;
  • Consumption of the residues according to the supported label directions is safe.

The consultation period for public comments is valid until 75 days from the date of publication.

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