Canada Proposes Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides Topramezone, Pyraclostrobin and Fluopyram

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Posted By: Trace One

On April 28th, 2022, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) issued various notices on “Proposed Maximum Residue Limit PMRL2022-09, Fluopyram”; "Proposed Maximum Residue Limit PMRL2022-08, Pyraclostrobin” and “Proposed Maximum Residue Limit PMRL2022-07, Topramezone”. The notices propose the acceptability of the uses of various commodities.


The document summarizes the following key points:

  • The proposed limits for the residues of Fluopyram are applicable to the commodities such as Cereal grains (crop group 15), except rice and corn, Rapeseeds (crop subgroup 20A) (revised), Green coffee beans, etc.;
  • Pyraclostrobin has been proposed for commodities such Azaroles, Chinese quinces, fresh Chinese chive leaves, etc.;
  • The proposed residues of Topramezone are applicable to the commodities such as Fat and meat by-products of Poultry, Rapeseeds, eggs, and meats of poultry;
  • The requested tolerances pose no risk to consumer health and ensure the safety of its uses;
  • The data determines that resulting residues on human exposure are less than or equal to the acceptable level.



The consultation period for public comments is valid until 75 days for all the proposed maximum residues limits.

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