CFIA Releases New “Safe Food for Canadians Regulations”

| Food Safety
Posted By: Baviya Priyadharshini


On June 13, 2018, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) published the Safe Food for Canadians Regulation (SFCR). It consolidates 14 regulations into one in order to ease the burden on businesses.

The three main features of the guideline are Licensing, Traceability, and Safety. In order to improve these, the CFIA introduced the Toolkit for businesses. It also announced a new secure login system called My CFIA, which is very useful for the one who is applying for licenses and also the electronic payment can be done easily.

The above guide is effective for foods that are imported and exported and include  inter-provincial businesses. This guideline will help food companies to produce safe foods and also to avoid costly food recalls. The regulation goes into effect January 15, 2019.

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