Chile Proposal to Amend Milk and Dairy Products of the Food Health Regulations

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Posted By: Trace One

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On August 02, 2020, Chile will apply the changes included in the "Draft Amendment to Article 107, D), 109 and Title VIII of Milk and Dairy Products, Food Health Regulations" as Law 21179, which was published in the Official Journal on November 2, 2019.

  • 9 paragraphs were included to article 105 of the Health Code, including definitions for milk (involving the animal species) and the various technological treatments that can be subjected
  • Introduce new frontal labelling requirements for both milk and dairy products, including the requirement to indicate the name of the milking country next to the image of the corresponding flag(s).
  • In addition, the classification of milk as set out in Article 204 and the treatment of milk and its label in Article 207 of the RSA, in order to achieve coherence and compliance with the Law. On the other hand, the Article 208 on process and authorization records, Article 209 on milk storage structure requirements and Article 234 on cheese labeling requirements.

View the full text of the amendment here.