Chile Releases New Amendments for the Food Health Regulation

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Posted By: Ofelia Medina

Chile Releases an Amendment on Claims Regulation

The Chilean Ministry of Health has released new amendments for several decrees and draft amendments for Decree 977 Food Health Regulations in July 2018.

New Amendments:

  1. Decree 60 replaces in article 24, where food establishments shall guarantee the proper hygienic conditions as well as the food process fluidity from raw material supply to final product production. The establishment should also ensure good storage practices in order to avoid food contamination or adulteration. The decree was published on July 7 and will enter into force six months after this publication date.

  2. Decree 7 published on July 13, replaces in article 160, the maximum limits for Arsenic and Mercury. New food categories are listed and some others were cancelled from these lists. This amendment will enter into force six months after the publication date.

  3. Decree 1 of July 13, that replaces in article 120 sections, specifying the nutritional claims for vitamins, minerals, dietetic fiber, proteins and DHA, EPA and Omega 3. The amendment also lays down new conditions required for the use of claims. The valid from date of this decree will be 6 months after the publication date.

  4. Decree 10 replaces in article 518, stating the definition of “gluten free” and the conditions for using the symbol to represent pre-packaged gluten free foods. This amendment is entering into force 3 months after the 24th of July, 2018.

Drafts Amendments:

  • Proposal to modify articles 291 and 292 of the Decree 977, that stipulate good practices and rules for poultry meat. In particular, this proposal refers to labelling of packed poultry meat.