China Annources 15 kinds of "Three New Foods" (Artificial Cultivation)

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On January 07, 2021, the Food Safety Law and the reviewing institution of the Measures for the Review and Administration of the Safety of New Food Ingredients, reviewed and approved the safety assessment materials (artificial cultivation) of the flowering entities, in accordance with the statutory procedures along with the scientific opinions.

The scientific assessment highlights the following focal points:

  • The committee reviewed and approved 3 new food raw materials, 5 new food additives such asβ-amyloid, and 7 new food-related products, such as 1,3,5-3 (2,2-dimethyl acrylamide) benzene.
  • The first, new food raw materials, must comply with the safety index of raw materials of food shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of edible fungi in the current national standards for food safety in China.
    Sodium hyaluronic acid as a new resource food, the use of health food raw materials. Sodium hyaluronic acid and its main ingredients are currently allowed to be added to food or dietary supplements in various countries listed in the regulation. Sodium hyaluronic acid must carry appropriate labelling instructions for populations including infants, pregnant/lactating women with recommended consumption recommended consumption of ≤200 mg / day.
  • The second, the new varieties of food additives such as alpha amylase, nitrous oxide, vitamin K, sodium alginate and others listed must comply with the respective GB Standards as indicated in the regulations.
  • The third, is the new varieties of food indicated- 1,3,5-3 benzene, C.I Pigment red 101, magnesium hydroxide, hydrolyzed magnesium carbonate etc. has been described along with the process requirements briefly.

The regulation is effective from January 07, 2021.

To view the complete document of food ingredients and the process requirements, Check out the Food News Monitoring System.