China Issues Food Safety Standards on the Use of Nutritional Fortification Substances in Foods

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Posted By: Rolando Rao

EU recall (5) (1)On August 4th, 2023, the CFSA-China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment published a notification on the “National Food Safety Standard on the Use of Nutritional Fortification Substances in Foods".

The standard proposes the following main changes:

  • The definition of food for special dietary purposes has been removed;
  • Revised the requirements for the use of nutritional fortifiers;
  • Modification of the name, serial number, and the presentation of table contents in the Appendix;
  • The use of nutritional fortifiers in health-based foods and the iodine in edible salt shall comply with relevant laws and regulations or standards of China.

The standard shall replace the previous version GB 14880-2012.

The draft consultation period is valid until August 10th, 2023.

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