China Issues Health Food Regulation on Nutrient Supplements and Claims (2020 Edition)

Posted By: Trace One

Trace One_china-issues-health-food-regulation-on-nutrient-supplements-and-claims-2020-edition

On December 01, 2020, the State Administration for Marketing Regulation published “Health Food Ingredients Catalogue-Nutrient Supplements” and “Directory of Health food functions that allowed to claim-Nutrient Supplements (2020 edition). The regulation repeals the 2016 regulation "Health food ingredient list " and "allowed health claims list for health food".

The functions of nutrient supplements include supplement of insufficient dietary intakes, prevention of nutritional deficiency and disease risk reduction.

The scope of 2020 regulation highlights the dietary intake limits for various age groups:

  • Lists out various chemical names and their compounds with the limits for respective target groups
  • Supplements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and various other Vitamins and Minerals have been mentioned along with GB standard reference.
  • Provision of Catalogue that allow health foods to claim nutrient supplements.
  • Vitamins and Minerals are listed with interpretations along with their functional roles.
  • The interpretation of health functions is in accordance with the current National Standards for Food Safety Appendix D to the General Rules for Nutrition Labelling of Pre-packaged Foods (GB28050).

The regulation is effective from December 01,2020.

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