China moves to adopt UN 8

China moves to adopt UN 8

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The Chinese standards

The GB 30000.2-29-2013 is the GHS UN implementation in China and it is composed of a series of 28 compulsory standards which sets the classification and labelling criteria for substances and mixtures. Each standard describes the criteria for one hazard class under GHS.

On August 28th 2023, China notified the drafts of upcoming updates to the GB.30000.1 and GB.30000.X standards. While the GB30000.1 standard describes the general classification requirements, the GB.30000.X regards the classification criteria for Desentized Explosives, suggesting the addition of this hazard classification with this upcoming update.

The update: when?

While the Desensitized Explosives standard (GB.30000.X) is proposed to take effect on July 1st 2024, the general requirement standard update (GB.30000.1) effective date is yet to be determined.

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