China Proposes Standards on the Labeling of Prepackaged Special Dietary Foods

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Posted By: Trace One

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On December 23, 2022, China’s National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment published a regulation on the “National Food Safety Standards on Labeling of Prepackaged Special Dietary Foods”. 

The following points are highlighted in this document for consideration:

  • Modification to the nutritional ingredients for mandatory labeling and claim requirements; 
  • The storage conditions of the prepackaged food for special dietary use shall be indicated on the label;
  • If the prepackaged content is not suitable for storage after opening or should not be stored in the original packaging container, special reminders shall be given to consumers;
  • Appendix A specifies the category of food for special dietary use and B of the regulation on permitted and functional claims allowed in the prepackaged foods for special dietary use;
  • The standard will replace GB 13432-2013 "General Rules for the Labeling of Prepackaged Foods for Special Dietary Use".

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